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Original Message
Author Abdur-Rahman Raines 
Topic a wolf in sheep's clothing 
Date Entered 12/08/2006 22:27:24 
Message Salaams,

Having browsed through some of the postings by Muslims regarding Muslim Schools on this forum, it has only served to endorse further my long held belief that the whole movement for founding “Muslim” and “Islamic” schools whether state aided, or independent, is very much a wolf in sheep’s clothing, promoted and endorsed by some of the “leading lights” of the majority Indo-Pak community residing with in these Isles.

In an attempt to justify, validate, and endorse their cause, they have undertaken their crusade against the West and rejecting all its poison, by adding “Muslim” and “Islamic” to these proposed educational establishments. If we were to substitute these terms with Pakistani, or Bengali, or Gujarati, we would be nearer the mark of their real aims and objectives.

Integration with in mainstream society is the very least and lowest priority on their nefarious agendas. The ghetto mentality has pervaded through the second and now third generation of immigrant Muslims, who are fast drawing up the shutters around themselves with a siege like mentality and paranoia, in order to preserve the last vestiges of their native cultures, and all done in the name of Islam!

Her Majesty’s Government has made provision for Muslim children with in the state educational system for

i. Providing a prayer area for children to fulfill their obligatory prayers if requested
ii. Providing rest facilities during the lunch break for fasting children
iii. Providing a vegetarian alternative, and in some cases, halal school dinner
iv. Allowing girls to wear hijab and appropriate clothing
v. Including Islam with in the general syllabus for GCSE
vi. Offering a GCSE in Islamic studies

and much more. But, alas, no! This is not good enough for an ungrateful Indo-Pak Muslim population. They “demand” their “rights” in the name of “Islam” and the “British Muslim’s” of this country. Well, not in my name you don’t, and I, along with a sizable non Indo-Pak minority do not accept the self appointed representatives of British Muslims with in the UK. It begs the question, how British are these Muslims claiming to be “British Muslims”, or are they just flying under a flag of convenience?

I note that these same “British Muslims” are a lot less circumspect when it comes to accepting all the economic and material benefits which their fathers came seeking with in these Isles in the first instance, or questioning the legitimacy or morality of some of their financial dealings. They have aquired more “bling” than they would have ever dreamt possible back in their homelands.

A confident, balanced, well centered, right thinking British Muslim would act like a penicillin to the ills of British and Western society in general, proactively embracing it with all its faults, by showing, living, speaking, and breathing a spiritual and practical alternative; that no one in Truth - haqq, would be able to resist, and such true leading lights would be the cause of many jumping into the ocean of true Islam and bathing in its endless seas of Divine Mercy. Do we see such personages amongst the racist bigots from the Indo-Pak sub-continent? I don’t think so!

Whilst I have no doubt that a sizable number Indo-Pak Muslims who may take a moment to read my musings will reject them and continue to patronize me as a “ghora (whitee!) who is not a pukka proper Musalman, as he is a converted Christian angrezi (Englishman)!” I would say to you, actually no! I am a Muslim of conviction rather than birth or culture, have taken time out to read and find out some of the reasons behind so many cultural assumptions made by born Muslims, have found the road of submission (Islam) to be as broad as the sky above my head, adhab – (manners, etiquette) is not the preserve of Muslims, neither is Truth – Haqq, and am fast reaching an age where it is quit likely that I have fasted more Ramadhan’s than some of the members of this forum have walked the face of this earth. Think on it for a moment if you will.

Many salaams,

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