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Author Iftikhar 
Topic Multi-ethnic communities 
Date Entered 19/01/2004 21:46:06 
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Multi-ethnic Communities
According to a recent report racial abuse, threats, bullying, physical attacks and discrimination are a common part of life for many London’s Black, ethnic minority and refugee children. The study found that 80% had experienced racial abuse or verbal threats and 70% believed the authorities treated them unfairly in the field of employment, NHS, housing and education.

British native pupils are particular racist. Shocking levels of racist abuse in schools in the south-east are revealed in a new study. Overseas teachers were regularly insulted with cries of “go back to your own country”. There is a high degree of ignorance, xenophobia and covert racism among native pupils in all schools. Black parents say a war is being waged against their children and fear their spirits will be broken at schools. They particularly feared for boys, highlighting stereotyping and low expectations

A new report examining racism in London has found Newham to be the most racist borough. It also found that most racist incidents are not reported because people do not believe anything will be done. Racism blocks the career progression of doctors from overseas, according to a new report. BMA suggests racism is evident in access of training and careers and is seen as “acceptable” behavior in NHS.

Ethnic children have suffered “50 years of failure” within the education system, a Government advisor on ethnicity has claimed. Dr Maud Blair working for DFES said those in power had a “legal” and moral responsibility to tackle under achievement among children. She said structural failing in the system must be addressed and certain schools needed to move on from seeing certain groups of pupils as a problem. New figures from DFES show that Black Caribbean children are still three times more likely than white children to be permanently excluded from schools in England. Ann Cryes MP is more interested in the isolated and tiny issue of forced marriages while ignoring the main issues of the Muslim community.

More than 10% of primary and 9% of secondary pupils do not speak English and out of them 7% of primary and 6% of secondary pupils are from the Indian sub-continent. New research shows that children who speak at least two languages do better at schools than those who speak only one. British teachers still see multilingualism as a problem rather than an asset.

Adam Smith Institute unveiled a plan that parents with children in failing schools would be given a £2500 voucher to be used to pay for a school set up by any charity, community or church group. James Tooly and colleagues at Newcastle University also proposes cash grants to help parents set up new schools and a £500 tax credit to middle income families who choose private education. Parents should be given the right to set up schools or take over existing ones under private charitable or community management. In other countries parents have a free choice of schools whether independent or state, with money following the pupil.
Iftikhar Ahmad

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