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Original Message
Author nafees ahmad 
Topic Autistic Children 
Date Entered 08/08/2007 22:27:56 
Message I would like to know if there are any tips on how to start my two autistic children on reading and understanding arabic, my daughter is nearly six now and my son is 3 and I have searched high and low (in and around the Rochdale area) for a teacher who will take one or both of them in a madrassa style setting possibly on a weekend but have failed.

They are both echolalic and would benefit from patient teacher who will help them.

Muslims shout out Takbeer and Salam but whenit comes to the crunch there is very little help out there for Muslims and very few people actually want to help. As soon as I mention special needs people back away and think that they will 'grow' out of this, I have tried to start them myself but with the progress my daughter has made at school with her TA and if she was able to get help in the muslim world it would benefit her in both areas.

Any ideas anyone? 
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