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Author M Unger 
Topic Islamists and centerists unite,  
Date Entered 10/11/2005 00:13:50 
Message It is with great anticipation that I am announcing the formation of a new political party for 21st Century America.  It has always been the expectation of the Framers of the Constitution of the United States that there be multiple political parties in competition with each other when deciding the presidency of this great nation.   Yes there are multitudes of political parties available for one to join.  However, not many of these parties are given serious consideration by Americans, and even fewer make it to the presidential election ballot.  Upon contemplation of why this is, I am convinced it is because each political party has at its heart, one or only a few "fringe" or niche issues which keep its membership low, and isolate that membership from the "mainstream" of American politics.  There are even political parties whose own purpose is self-defeating, and squanders an otherwise huge potential following.  The net result is that, over the decades, only two "major" political parties have kept an iron grip on the jugular vein of American presidential politics.  These two parties are of course the Republican and Democratic parties.

Over the course of the last few decades, American politics has fallen into a rut of gluttony and waste.  Our government "Of the People, By the People, and For the People" is little more than a slogan.  Big business, Political Action Committees (PACs), and special interest groups are now the only ones being represented in Washington, D.C.  The average American citizen cannot possibly hope to compete with the special interest lobbies and their funds.  The average American citizen can barely make ends meet each month.  Thus, our representation has been bought out from under us.  However, the most dramatic changes in our government came about on one more day that will live in infamy.

In the course of one day, America was changed.  I speak of September 11th, 2001.  America was forever altered both here at home and abroad.  Terrorism was the trigger for sweeping changes of how Americans both viewed themselves and others around the world.  Lives were lost; lives were changed; and our government was changed.  Since then, the lives of every American was changed either through the economy or through the security measures enacted to (allegedly) safeguard America and her population.  The leadership of this great nation, acting in good faith, did what it could to both punish those responsible and protect the rest of us.  Initially, the effort was brave and strong.  Today however, we see a different picture emerging.   Our troops are in faraway lands, surrounded by hostile people, being the sitting ducks in chaotic shooting galleries.  Families of these brave warriors have not seen their husbands, brothers, or sisters in months, or even years, with no word on when their loved ones will be home.  The bodycount is getting higher each day.  Our economy is suffering as the current administration pumps billions of dollars into nations that are killing our husbands, wives, sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters.  Americans are out of work while foreigners take their jobs for 1/10 the price.  All the while our president ignores the growing problems.

It's time for a change.  The old models of politics no longer work in America.  Those who have made and continue to make America great are being left by the wayside by a greedy and corrupt corporate culture, and an administration oblivious to the problems Americans, REAL Americans are facing each day.  It's time for a change.  Stand up and be counted for a better tomorrow and a better America.  Don't be left out.  Join this effort and be heard.  Join this effort and send a message.  Join this effort and be part of the winning team.  Most of all, be proud to be an American once again!  Let's return America to those who make it great-- all of you and all of us!  United We Stand!

-- Matthew Unger
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