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Forum Muslim Schools 
Topic Bilingualism in UK schools 
Author Catherine 
Date Created 22/04/2003 11:49:24 
Message I am a student teacher and have just finished my first year teaching practise. I am currently writing an essay on bilingualism within UK schools.

Within the class I have been teaching approx 45% of the pupils were asian. All the children (at ages 7 & 8 ) appeared to get on very well and within RE classes we took the children to both a Mosque and a Church. The policy of the school was to take the struggling bilingual children from the rest of the class for their own literacy lessons with a specialist teacher, to improve their English language reading and writing skills. All children of the school were forbidden to speak anything but English.

At first I thought this was a good method, but since I began researching this topic I am having second thoughts. I wondered if any one could share with me their own opinions and educational experiences. For these children is it a case of joining them into one community, or is it taking away their own cultural and religious rights? I had noticed that when parents of the bilingual children came into school, these children got very embarrased about speaking their own languages, which is quite sad.

It would be really interesting to hear anyone elses views on whether children should have the opportunities to be taught academically in their own mother tongue.  
Topic Re: Bilingualism in UK schools 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 27/04/2003 21:14:26 
Message Salaam

Muslim children need Muslim schools with Muslim teachers who are able to teach them in English and Urdu. In Pakistan children attending English medium schools are bi-linguals. They are not classified as problem children. Children are children. Even those children who attend Urdu medium schools are also bi-linguals because over 90% of pakistanis do not speak Urdu at home.

British teachers are not in a position to teach Muslim children beause they are not aware of their needs and demands. They need teachers who can speak their language. Please visit www.muslimteachers.net for more information.  
Topic Re: Bilingualism in UK schools 
Author The Sailor 
Date Created 05/03/2007 20:14:35 
Message Rumi wrote that when Shams was asked, "who is greater Mohammed or the Sufi in the desert?", he replied, "the Sufi". Shams said, "that while Mohammed may have heard the word, the sufi was the word".

Study Mohammed's life. He was a thief, a con man and posibly a murderer. How can a billion people, follow the word of such a man? Is it any wonder that Islam spawns suicide bombers!

Creating Islamic schools only spreads the venom. 
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