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Topic Learning their roots . . .  
Author lea 786 
Date Created 22/07/2003 04:56:49 
Message how nice for muslim children to be able to attend school in hijab, to know they will have the choice of halal for dinner, to know they will not be laughed at or ridiculed for wanting to pray!!! is there such a place?! no, not yet, insh'ALLAH a muslim school will change this and give the muslim children a chance to find out who they really are.

A muslim school will not divide people, it will allow muslims and non muslims to join together and unite as a group of people wanting and needing to learn and find out, who they really are! 
Topic Re: Learning their roots . . .  
Author donvan 
Date Created 19/01/2004 19:18:29 
Message How nice for Muslim children to go to school and learn to hate the Jews, Christians,and infidels. To learn that "Muslim" means to "Submit". teach the girls to wear the scarf,or the berka, hide yourself behind veils.
Islamic teaching is simply propaganda for the sole purpose of advancing islam,nothing else. We see the madrasa schools
and the brainwashing the children are subjected to, we see the Taliban and the way they treated women and children.
This is the life you would give to your children?? 
Topic Re: Learning their roots . . .  
Author guest 
Date Created 09/02/2004 06:23:59 
Message I agree, complete propaganda. Faith schools of all kinds should be scrapped. 
Topic Re: Learning their roots . . .  
Author noura 
Date Created 24/02/2004 12:47:32 
Message What's wrong with religious people building their religious schools or whatever...is it so hard to repect other peoples religion and their beliefs and lead a normal life for crying out loud.. doesn't it teach that in the quran...respect your neighbors religion and belief...my GOD what is wrong with you people.... 
Topic Re: Learning their roots . . .  
Author lea 786 
Date Created 04/03/2004 23:55:35 
Message Noura an opinion that counts, these men above may disagree, but what do they know, a life of shirab, sorry alcohol, drinking with their wife, raising their children watching 18+ movies with their friends, alhumdil'ALLAH we are not like them, a correct and safe way of life is to be found and followed by everyone, when they find truth they will know! 786 
Topic Re: Learning their roots . . .  
Author noura miraby 
Date Created 05/03/2004 10:50:24 
Message Hey Donvan!!!!! we are not taught in the Quran to hate anyone....why are you exagerating ??? what's wrong with you??
Listen in every religion we have extremists, it's not only in islam...but for a fact GOD said that you can not force anyone to do anything, whether it's changing your religion or wearing a scarf...etc...and if you do succeed in changing someone, GOD won't accept it because it's not in the persons heart to change...so he/she was beter off doin what they were doing whether Harome/ hilal....IT'S A FACT.....
So don't be talking nonsence by saying that islamic teaching is propaganda...it's a shame ....this shows how low you can be, i wonder if you can even get lower than that....that's sad Donvan....that's realy sad
The life and teachings that i would give to my future child would be the same as the life and teachings i went through...and that is teaching them both religions and not exagerate, like some people, ....then i would let them chose the one they feel in their hearts is the right one for them...ow and i would give my opinion,
In the Quran women have much rights as men do....no one is supirior to the other...you see this is were extremists come in...DON'T YOU GET IT ....PUNK!!!!!!

Topic Re: Learning their roots . . .  
Author liloldme 
Date Created 30/05/2004 04:33:09 
Message Peace...Donvan
i agree the picture you have presented is not nice at all. I am a Muslim and i know that along with myself, 82% Muslims condenm the sort of image Taliban have created. a teacher of mine opened a new way of thinking one day when he said that there are more good people in the world than bad ones. the only thing is that the bad people make a lot of noise, and the good ones don't. so, what you have seen or heard about is only one side of the picture...mm no in fact i does not belong to the picture at all. because people are committing malpractices and ascribing the name of Islam to them...utterly despicable! Please try to have the proper information about something before commenting upon it. In the Quraan, God has forbidden us to form our opinion on the basis of a rumor; until and unless a strong proof is not available, we should not pass our judgements. the version of Islam you have been exposed to, is, sadly, not at all what the true meaning of Islam entails. so, either you gain the true facts about Islam or not, that's your problem...but at least refrain from forming your mind upon the baseless things u have seen or heard about.
best regards

Topic Re: Learning their roots . . .  
Author MaureenDavies 
Date Created 01/04/2005 01:13:52 
Message Muslim children attending Muslim schools would be a disaster! What we need is multi-faith schools where all religions are taught. Many of my christian counterparts are against this, but it is the only way to educate our future generation to be non-biased, compassionate and tollerant of other's religions. 
Topic Re: Learning their roots . . .  
Author Free Way 
Date Created 02/04/2005 15:16:07 
Message To Noura Miraby

You response proves that Islam has deceived you as well. Instead of defending your Qur'an you try verbally abuse the accuser when you could have quoted scripture from the Qur'an that proves you are not taught to hate anyone. I have at least found two passages from the Qur'an where Muhammad said "Surely they are Infidels who say the Messiah, the son of Mary, is God," (005.072) and "Wipe the Infidels out to the last." (008.007). You might rant and rave that this does not teach you to hate but I disagree because the Qur'an clearly teaches a hate ideology in the Muslim society.

Now we look at what you said: "but for a fact GOD said that you can not force anyone to do anything, whether it's changing your religion or wearing a scarf", then we look at what your scriptures say what Muhammad did: Bukhari:V4B52N143/V5B59N523 "When we reached Khaybar, Muhammad said that Allah had enabled him to conquer them. It was then that the beauty of Safiyah was described to him. Her husband had been killed so Allah’s Apostle selected her for himself. He took her along with him till we reached a place where her menses were over and he took her for his wife, consummating his marriage to her, and forcing her to wear the veil.'" If i'm not mistaken your prophet forced Safiyah to were the veil but i thought you said GOD cannot force anyone to do anything. Someone is lying here, either you or your scipture is, which one is it?

Then you continue to say that "In the Quran women have much rights as men do....no one is supirior to the other", so then lets see what the Qur'an says in 024:006 "And for those who launch a charge against their wives, accusing them, but have no witnesses or evidence, except themselves; let the testimony of one of them be four testimonies, by Allah that he is the one speaking the truth." Surely in a just society women would have equal rights to that of men, but accoriding to Muhammad a man's rights is four times that of a woman. So much for women's rights in Islam?!

Then you say about your children that "i would let them chose the one they feel in their hearts is the right one for them", but i think you would follow Allah's orders to "wipe the infidels out to the last" by killing them if they chose to follow another religion, especially that of following the risen Messiah, Yahshua.

You have contradicted yourself so many times that you live a life of contradiction. You can find the Truth in Yashua, in turn you will be able to walk a straight path leading to eternal life with the Father, Yahweh. John 14:6 "Yashua answered, 'I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father expect through me.'"

But when it comes to love at least i can say what the true Sciptures say about it. Galations 5:13,14 "You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love. The entire law is summed up in a single command: 'Love your neighbor as yourself'." 
Topic Re: Learning their roots . . .  
Author MaureenDavies 
Date Created 15/04/2005 00:49:36 
Message To Lea 786 and others for Muslim schools:
Muslim schools are not the answer for Muslim children. They would learn to be as biased as some of the Muslims who write on this website. The answer is to have multi-faith schools. In this way all children learn about ALL religions and not just about their own.
I believe (unlike some of the other non-Muslims who write on this site), that Islam was originally a peaceful religion. Unfortunately, it was corrupted and mis-interpreted by the elders down the ages. All religions have in some way had the same problem. We therefore have to teach our children something about all religions, including the good and bad aspects, (and this includes christianity). 
Topic Re: Learning their roots . . .  
Author The Khyberman 
Date Created 27/07/2005 02:11:53 
Message What about rights of other faiths in Islamic countries? DO they have the same kind of rights and privileges demanded by muslims here? I do not remember a day when I did not hear the chant... 'Hindu mussalman shud, gosht-e-gow arzan shud' - Meaning if the Hindu's turn Muslim, the price of meat will go down (because more cows would be available for slaughter). Funny thing is, I am not a Hindu and even if I was, I don't give a monkey's about sacred cows or evil pork.

A small minority of Sikhs & Hindus have fled the country since 1996 through 2001 due to the tyranical Taliban government.

Sikhs in Afghanistan tended to be wealthy and successful businessmen and were often targets for kidnappings and extortion by 'local thugs', which in turn were run by Talib warlords. Some Sikh families have been in Afghanistan for generations.

Two prominent Sikh temples in Kabul and another in Jalalabad are barely tolerated, the Sikh Holy Scriptures (which are the focus of any Sikh temple - or Gurudwara) lying in them have been spirited away by followers and taken to India so they would not be desecrated.

Most Sikhs (& Hindus) who proudly called themselves Afghans have fled the country and are asylum seekers in India, USA, UK and elsewhere on the European mainland. All this because they were not muslim.

The ancient statues of The Buddha in Bamiyan (look it up on the Internet, it will make you cringe) - a world heritage site have been blasted away from the cliff faces they stood in for a thousand years, despite strong international protests and pleas.

THAT is the respect other religions get in Islamic countries.

I am not religious, but I suffered for not being born a muslim. I don't believe anybody's mumbo-jumbo, not even the religion of my fathers, but look what religion has done to me and my family, which splintered and flung to the four corners of the world. I haven't seen my mother for a lifetime - just because I was not born a muslim.

I am fortunate that this country has given me refuge, a home, a job and respectability. I work hard and I thank each day that there are people willing to give me a break - regardless of my color, religion or whatever - something my 'motherland' didn't do.

Mr Iftikhar, I speak Urdu, Pushto, Dari (Farsi) and Punjabi. I still haven't seen what you call 'the spirit of Islam'. There isn't any mate. None at all.  
Topic Re: Learning their roots . . .  
Author Jackie 
Date Created 27/07/2005 05:43:30 
Message You make some very good points K.
You may have guessed, I`m certainly of the atheist persuasion. The thing is, I`m glad I`m not living in ANY theocracy whether it be a christian, islamic or jewish one.
Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It`s an old saying I know, however, no less valid for that.
I believe that if someone believes their life is going to be better for screaming at the ether for a spurious afterlife, thats entirely their concern, when they die they will only receive oblivion like the rest of us and won`t be the wiser, as long as it makes them happy, keeps them amused and off the streets, good for them. The only time most human beings do any good for the planet is when they die, they add a bit of fertiliser!
What amuses me is how most of you lot want an Education system based on a sham that has no independent verification. In other words, you want an Education system based on totally, unsubstantiated rubbish! What kind of a basis are fairy tales for an education system?
Most people when knocking religions concentrate on the barbarous passages, I prefer to point out the patently stupid passages. One of my personal favourites in the koran is the ant - surah 27 - 20 and 21. solomon is a bit agitated that the hoopoe has not lined up for battle and that if it hasn`t got a good excuse he will slay it! well, that naughty hoopoe was actually out on a spying mission and and found another bird, not of the feathered variety, so, all was forgiven.
Another classic, 81:1 - When the Stars fall! Hmmm, you would have thought that god WOULD have known that the stars are a little bit bigger than the Earth, that is of course, IF god wrote it and not Man.........that couldn`t have happened could it now?
Now, that is just two, theres heaps of other absurdities.
Don`t worry christians and jews, I`m about to come to your particular sets of sham stories. Because you see, all your stories are based on common characters because religious people haven`t got the imagination to make up fresh characters so they all borrow from one another and are interchangeable, which is just as well because the last thing a religion wants in it`s followers is independent thought.
Genesis 6:13 god is angry and he tells noah he is going to destroy everything because it`s too violent. Now, that sounds like very religious behaviour to me. godbotherers have been following the example for thousands of years. I`m glad the positive things still filter through.
Jeremiah 8:17 God is going to send cockatrices to sort them out! I wonder where the fossil evidence is for them? Probably with the bones of Puff the Magic Dragon I reckon!
Look, it doesn`t really matter me citing the examples to you lot, you`ve been indoctrinated since birth so you won`t listen to anything that may challenge your long, cherished beliefs. You shut your ears and hide under a pillow so you can`t hear, just like your hiding from the boogy man. I`m just appealing to reason that you don`t base an education system on a lie, no matter whose version of the lie it is. Give children a chance to make their own choices without being indoctrinated from the time they can listen or won`t your god`s stand up to the test without the brainwashing? No need to answer that.
No, you can argue about x-rated videos or drinking and thats fine, don`t try and take the moral high ground by saying people are going to go for those things if their not educated in a religious establishment. You will look at those things or you won`t. Becoming a god botherer doesn`t immediately confer piety!
An Education system should not be based on never-never land type stories.  
Topic Re: Learning their roots . . .  
Author jeanangeo 
Date Created 09/05/2006 17:42:42 
Message IN REPLY TO LEA 786:

"a life of shirab, sorry alcohol, drinking with their wife, raising their children watching 18+ movies with their friends, alhumdil'ALLAH we are not like them, a correct and safe way of life is to be found and followed by everyone, when they find truth they will know! 786 "

I RESENT YOUR IMPLICATION THAT EVERYONE WHO ISN'T ISLAMIC IS DECADENT. I am of NO religion. I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I don't sleep around or watch porn.



Topic Re: Learning their roots . . .  
Author jd 
Date Created 12/05/2006 14:09:35 
Message quoting:

The only time most human beings do any good for the planet is when they die, they add a bit of fertiliser!

god thats dark

i think i love you ...

some questions for muslims supporting 'muslim schools' :

what proportion of your curriculum would be based on religious teachings
would the rest of your curriculum be 'the same' as non-muslim curriculums
would there be certain topics (sex education eg.) which would not be taught which i beleive is legally required in this country
would non-muslims be accepted in this school
would they be allowed to opt out of religious teaching
would they be able to opt out of religious clothing (i am saying this because Iftikhar says that muslim majority schools should become muslim schools

there are many more - but this will do for a start - give me some answers and then tell me how muslim schools will teach tolerance and integration - if you are teaching kids that non muslims are infidels ?

respect is a two way street - you talk about how we should show respect (which i think i do) but at the same time you denounce non muslims as being lower than yourselves - is this respect - i dont think so

what you do in the privacy of your own homes is your business - you can pray to Allah and i will stay in with some beer and porn

is that ok? 
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