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Topic Teaching Arabic as a second language 
Author Saleem Khanani 
Date Created 18/01/2004 18:18:41 
Message Assalam-o-Alaikum
Having being associated with two Islamic schools in Massachusetts, USA, my greatest frustration comes from the inability of our non-Arabic speaking children to learn Arabic. This applies equally well, at least in my experience, to the non-Arabic speaking children of Arab parents.
Over the last ten years, we have experimented with different syllabi without success. What bothers me most is the inability of our children to write even a paragraph in Arabic or to understand small Suras on their own.
The teachers in our two local schools have all been native Arabs who have used different methodolgies, from speaking to the children in Arabic only to using syllabi specially prepared for non-Arabic children.
My own impression, having learnt Arabic from teachers who were not Arabs themselves, is that the problem lies at many levels, but most importantly it has to do with the failure of the Arabic teachers to realize that teaching Arabic as a second language to children who do not "think" in Arabic and who do not speak it at all when they go home, requires a different methodology. Syllabi prepared by native Arabs do not seem to put enough emphasis on developing an ability to construct sentences in Arabic. The Arabic grammar can be quite complicated and teachers who did not learn the classical grammar of this language, and whose only qualification to teach Arabic is that they are native Arabs, are unlikely to succeed in teaching it.
I would like to learn the experiences of other parents who have faced this problem, and would also like to know how the Islamic schools in UK dealing with it.Jazak-Allaho Khairan
Saleem A Khanani 
Topic Re: Teaching Arabic as a second language 
Author donvan 
Date Created 19/01/2004 19:48:42 
Message Teaching Arabic to children is a waste of time and effort.
Unless you live in Arabia,which you do not. Why do you insist on such non-productive activities?  
Topic Re: Teaching Arabic as a second language 
Author lea 786 
Date Created 04/03/2004 23:59:24 
Message assalam'alaikum
the coment abov should be both ignored and deleted. i agree that the children un schools should get the choice of what they wish to learn, we learn french and spanish and german, all europeon languages, but if we dont intend to trvel to these countries then what is the point, these days it is upto to parents to find a school that meets their requirements, arabic learning, halal eating and prayer times, and to keep them away from the likes of the person, with the unsuitable comment,  
Topic Re: Teaching Arabic as a second language 
Author general surfer 
Date Created 12/05/2004 00:40:15 
Message Abhay Donvan! Our next generation MUSLIMS have already wasted enough time learning and speaking english which is itself based on framework of Arabic. Perhaps you may try to waste some of your all-time-useless time on researching the origins of english. A hint! compare the grammar and overall structure of major languages of "europa" continent before and after the MUSLIM Spain. See yourself that how much you "stole" or "borrowed" from MUSLIMS of Spain. Perhaps you may start respecting Arabic language as the father language of all modern europan languages.

This should be read in context to that Arabic post somwhere on this forum aswell. Arabic language is the main connection of MUSLIMS with ISLAAM. Thats why where ever those french, italian, spanish, portugese, british and american mass massacrers and colonizers went, they first banned Arabic Language there. Some major exapmles are sub-continent [Oiy yeh apna barray sagheer ooo!], african MUSLIM countries, and most of the arab tiny states. I am excluding the present day trukey because of its secularism. Dont get offended here. Now, once Arabic is banned and once english becomes the standard/national/official language >>> The next generation is a deaf and dumb to its glorious past. This nxt generation is unable to read QURAAN and to understand its meaning on itself. It becomes depandant automatically on external sources. No direct connection possible. You dont know what a Surah or Hadees means. You will have to go to an imam or Molovi etc which wil interpret it according to its own intelligence and/or sectarian origin or "ulterior motive" etc. You cant read about your past and achievements of previous MUSLIM scientists. Newton and his great gang of intellectual theives got benefitted from the same. They knew the next generation of MUSLIMS will never bother to read about the scientists and thier works, so lets rock and roll! They stole arabic books, articles, pages what ever they could find. These works got translated into english. And in next step all of the achievements were pasted directly on the forehead of newton and his great gang of intel thieves. Imam Ghazali [some consider him a sufi, I disagree] had mentioned theory of relativity and theory of Universal gravitation in one of his poetical verses which date back to some 800 AD. Why is west and its menials never seen talking about this? WHy are majority of MUSLIMS still unaware of this. Its simple. All of this work is in Arabic or Persian and is present in either hisotrical meuseums or american history meuseums. Some papers which contain researches on still unknown aspects of this world are locked in laboratories of illegitimate izrale and america. MUSLIMS? You got annoyed of my words again? ALLAAH may save your souls. Dont start jumpin on me. Btw, I hate english as much as I hate hebrew, so I love to make errors and mispellings. lolz!

Topic Re: Teaching Arabic as a second language 
Author nigel 
Date Created 19/05/2004 11:25:28 
Message .....and speaking english which is itself based on framework of Arabic.....

Pardon? That must be the daftest thing I have heard for years.

And as the Arabs understood Relativity in the 9th Century, that accounts for the Islamic nuclear power plants in the 10th century....

Then we have the Arab space missions, which is why we had the Crusades to steal the Arab space stations.

I am glad we have cleared that up.  
Topic Re: Teaching Arabic as a second language 
Author jamesChad 
Date Created 20/05/2004 01:06:23 
Message those moslems were not warmongers! neither the white house power politics was their religion 
Topic Re: Teaching Arabic as a second language 
Author ganga 
Date Created 22/05/2004 10:23:22 
Message reality bites' eh, so hard. If you are sure abt your proud roman background, why dont you publish the muslim papres that you stole form us? shame for us too that we are not able to recover them from thieves on our own.

have a happy staeling era! 
Topic Re: Teaching Arabic as a second language 
Author juda 
Date Created 29/05/2004 12:41:40 
Message Yeah wahtever! You are nothing anymore! If you have a right to your achievments of past then why dont you HAVE IT NOW? Dont blame us anymore dude! Learn to live with what you have already! We got what we were capable of! 
Topic Re: Teaching Arabic as a second language 
Author Steve 
Date Created 04/01/2005 09:03:59 
Message There is one issue that was not addressed in Teaching Arabic as a second language. The Arab parents!!! Learning begins at home. It is the parents repsonsibilty to teach their children their native tounge. The parents should provide their children with the basic knowledge of the Arabic language. You should not forget or choose not to speak your native tounge in your home and then expect someone else to teach your children what you already know. It is a shame! I believe speaking another language is a great accomplishment for anyone. However, you should never forget where you come from and your roots. Those parents of Arab decent that live in America have to adapt to their surroundings, call it survival of the fit. But when you are in your own home, you are the master of your domain. Arab parents should speak Arabic to their children from birth. This is a great benefit to both the parents and a even greater one to the children.  
Topic Re: Teaching Arabic as a second language 
Author rukhsaar rukhsar 
Date Created 10/01/2005 06:39:10 

my dear aarbi is actually our 1st language if we understand the importance of it.however as you know that we are e.g.me outside arabic rigion,so i shall try my best to learn and understand arabi becouse it is the language of our HOLY BOOK"QURAN-UL-HAKEEM".
so instead of listenning bogus ideas from peoples that it is not our language or waste of time ,we should focus ourself,our relatives ,childs,friends and next coming generations to learn it compulsory.
Topic Re: Teaching Arabic as a second language 
Author Shareef 
Date Created 24/02/2005 22:38:45 
Message Arabic is something i would like to learn as a British Muslim. It would, of course, have helped if this option was available to me when i HAD to make the choice of a forieng language to learn in secondary school. The problem is not that of the government however. How hard would it be to roll out the option of arabic across schools? Muslims dont even have a majority, and then finding the staff to teach it to the masses is hardly going to be easy. Its just sadly a repurcution of living in a foreighn country!

Topic Re: Teaching Arabic as a second language 
Author Mohammad Hussein 
Date Created 21/08/2005 08:21:43 
Message A salamo Aleikom. Thank you Mr.S.Khanani for your messaege.Indeed any teacher who doesn't like the language he teaches, cannot teach it perfectly to his students.He needs to feel every single word. Teaching Arabic to Arab kids as a second language is not an easy thing, but it is not impossible. I have an experience in teaching this language to Arab-American students in Palestine. I looked upon this job as a duty. Teaching Arabic to Arabs and Moslems is a great job. You feel that you do something precious. You need to think like those students when you teach them, i.e to put your self in their position. Don't treat them as stupid, because they aren't, but they need to jumb over the barrier which is mostly psychological one. I hope one day, I will teach Arabic to Arab and Moslem Kids as asecond language. Thank you sir and please reply. Allah Yihfathak. 
Topic Re: Teaching Arabic as a second language 
Author Administrator Administrator 
Date Created 07/06/2009 18:33:23 
Message Salaam

Bilingual Muslim children need to learn and be well versed in Standard English to follow the National Curriculum and go for higher studies and research to serve humanity. At the same time, they need to learn and be well versed in Arabic, Urdu and other community languages to keep in touch with their cultural roots and enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry.

A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He/she does not want to become notoriously monolingual Brits 
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