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Forum General 
Topic Muslim Men 
Author Leadbelly 
Date Created 07/10/2006 01:18:45 
Message Are Muslim men all homos or what? They want their women (and ours - cheeky fuckers!) to cover up. That says GAY to me. 
Topic Re: Muslim Men 
Author donvan 
Date Created 10/10/2006 21:37:27 
Message Homosexuality, beastilaity, pediphilia are common among the various Mohammedian sects. Harsh taboos notwithstanding, the perverse relationship that Mohammedian men have with women denies sexual interaction with women, and therfore truncates the sexual ego of youth and results in abberant sexual behavior. Many studies of sexual disfunction among Mohammedians indicate that the sexual habits of Mohammedians intrensically disordered. This gives rise to the perverse demand of "Covering up", which indicates latent guilt on the part of the males with the victims being female, paying a perpetual price of being a constant reminder of "Forbidden fruit"  
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