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Topic Press Release 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 22/10/2006 14:38:30 
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Press Release
A bilingual Muslim teaching assistant suspended for refusing to remove her veil in class should be sacked, a local government minister said. She said her pupil were happy with her and never complained about the veil. She said she would remove the veil, but not in front of male colleagues. She was asked to remove the veil during lessons to improve pupil communication skills, because they were finding it difficult to hear what she was saying. She was not supposed to teach but to help the class teacher in her/his teaching. It is the job of the teacher to teach English to bilingual children.

OFSTED criticized the school for exceptionally low standards achieved by pupils, stating that most difficulties are related to speech and communication problems. The school is placed among the worst 5% of schools in the country. It is not the fault of the veil and its wearer that the school is at the bottom of the educational ladder. It is the fault of the teaching staff who are monolinguals and who are unable to communicate with the children who canít speak English in local accent. The staff as well as the head teacher should be replaced by bilingual Muslim teachers who are in a position to impart bilingual education right from nursery level. I hope that within a couple of years the school would be at the top of the educational ladder.

Shahid Malik MP and MCB have no right to criticise the bilingual support teacher covering her face with a veil. They should criticise the LEA and monolingual staff who are not fit to teach bilingual children. There are hundreds of state schools where Muslim children are in majority. All such schools should have bilingual Muslim teachers as well as bilingual support staff as role models. They are in a better position to teach English, Arabic and Urdu and other community languages at the same time. British born and educated Muslim teachers are also required to teach English and other subjects.

The school has failed by the OFSTED because it never introduced bilingualism and bilingual education. OFSTED and DFE must have bilingual Muslim staff to carry out inspection according to the needs and demands of the Muslim children. Bilingual teachers are not available in this country. LEA must recruit bilingual Muslim teachers from abroad. In the 60s and 70ís, there was a shortage of teachers in state schools, hundreds of teachers were given work permits to come to teach in those inner cities rough schools where even a native teacher could not dare to teach. Now bilingual Muslim teachers are needed for Muslim children.
Iftikhar Ahmad

Topic Re: Press Release 
Author Spammed 
Date Created 23/10/2006 08:51:09 
Message You managed to rush that out nice and quick.

Now how about saying that terrorist attacks on innocents in London were wrong... 
Topic Re: Press Release 
Author jd 
Date Created 25/10/2006 14:53:16 
Message i think that we should see the face, unless she is pig ugly

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