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Forum Muslim Children 
Topic for the administrator 
Author lea 786 
Date Created 05/03/2004 00:06:14 
Message i am am avid user of this site, visiting nearly everyday, however since you have allowed dirty comments and threads from people, who know nothing further than their name, this site the discussion bords have become a disgrace to your website, atleast the administrator can remove these comments each time you notice them. Maybe then can the rest of us continue using this site happily, at the moment i think i will unbookmark you until the comments are cleared and hopefully by april there will be no silly comments from kids, only true discussion from people concerned

lea 786 
Topic Re: for the administrator 
Author noura miraby 
Date Created 05/03/2004 10:41:05 
Message I agree with you Lea...couldn't have put it beter...thumbs up...

wa'alaikum salam
Noura Miraby 
Topic Re: for the administrator 
Author How many times do i tell that I'm a general surfer 
Date Created 12/05/2004 00:46:23 
Message Yeah add me to this list as well. Though I didnt book mark it yet. 
Topic Re: for the administrator 
Author MaureenDavies 
Date Created 05/04/2005 01:06:44 
Message Is there a way to get to the discussion in question instantly when we get an email to say there is an update? I have to go through many other replies and threads to find the relevant one. 
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