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Date Created 19/10/2008 19:18:07 
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An Open Letter to the Secretary of State for Education Ed Balls

The debate over the trajectory of the western sociopolitical system and its strained relations with Islam is the most pivotal of our time. Muslims are in one of the most difficult phases of their history when malicious attacks including allegation of terrorism are being made on Islam and Muslims all over the world. The malicious campaign against Muslims is politically motivated. The world is obsessed by Islam. Anti-terror measures are ruining lives of Muslim youths. If you go around arresting young Muslims, you are going to find that you are going to ostracise this community. Young Muslims don’t need to be ostracized, they need to be engaged. According to the Arch Bishop, Rowan Williams, acceptance of some facets of Sharia not only “seems unavoidable”, but could actually improve social cohesion. Muslims should be able to choose to have marital or financial matters dealt with in a Sharia Court . Such courts should therefore be incorporated into the British legal system as a constructive accommodation with Islam. Schools are being asked to help “win hearts and minds” in the battle against violent extremists on both sides. British born Imams should go into schools to supplement the teaching of RE, PSHE and Citizenship so that all pupils can learn about the Holy Quran and Islam in the context of a multicultural society. OFSTED must make sure that their services should be fully utilised by the schools, otherwise, it will be waste of public money.

The British Establishment is wrong to assert that Imams and Masajid have been radicalising Muslim youths. The roots of extremism are in the British society and schools where institutional racism is at its peak. The racism within schools has got little media coverage. The school attended by 7/7 bombers in a part of Leeds known for its history of racial tension between British Asians and native Brits. Leeds council was so worried about the violence that it had to call in Foundation for Peace, a government funded peacekeepers who were used to keep Catholics and Protestants from killing one another in Northern Ireland . True message of Islam should be promoted because British media and society have always portrayed Islam in a negative way since Crusades and the siege of Vienna in 1683. School Curriculum should be used to convey a deeper understanding of Islamic faith, history and culture. Prison is not the answer of those who are vulnerable to, or are being drawn into violent extremism unless they have clearly committed an offence.

The greatest challenge to humanity is learning to live in a crowded and interconnected world that is creating unprecedented pressures on human society. The rector of Oxford ’s largest Anglican Churches has called a Muslim call to prayers from the main Masjid “un-English”. This is a clear case of intolerance. Gibraltar is a British colony. Five Pound currency note has a queen image on one side and on the other side there is an image of the Muslim Conqueror with a sword in his hand. There is more hatred of Muslims seduced by the Western media, education system and church leaders like Bishop Nazir Ali. Catholic nuns have worn veils for centuries, with no public controversies arising. There is no reason why any girl’s school uniform can not now be modified to include a veil. Wearing a veil to school or to work must be a matter of choice for all.

Iftikhar Ahmad

Having received this odious e-mail, sent to me personally by the ever elusive Iftikhar I feel compelled to reply.
My opinion of Islam is well documented and need not be endorsed any further, I do not believe all Muslims are evil, but the way Islam can be taught is, and therefore can create evil from what was good. The practice of condemning Western religions and any other religion other than Islam is also well acknowledged, brought to our TV screens by the Channel 4 programme, Dispatches, in which we see and hear the Imams and head teachers of Muslim schools openly support acts of terrorism perpetrated against the people of Great Britain.
The simplest of solutions Iftikhar is this; if you or any other Muslim are not happy with the society within the boundaries of the UK then leave, go to pastures new where you abhorrent religion is accepted, this will entail living in a 3rd World Country but that is where your greatest catchments of followers are. I, nor any other Christian, would dream of descending into the cesspit of Islam purely because we are civilised enough not to be brainwashed by the ranting of an old man with a beard who had an itch to have sex with young girls.
You do your faith and your fellow Muslims not the slightest of good with your constant, and somewhat pathetic, whingeing and whining, may I recommend you take a one way flight to Saudi.

Cllr John Oddy 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 07/03/2011 23:01:38 
Message Humanity was not designed to be homogenous, and policies of assimilation have often stoked division and discord such as in France. A strong society should be one in which differences are respected instead of suppressed, and shared identities are celebrated instead of enforced.
David Cameron’s ill-judged speech attacking multicultural Britain on the same day as the English Defence League’s march in Luton has been condemned by politicians, trade unionists, Muslim and other faith communities and many others. His comments have been welcomed by the EDL, BNP and the Front National in France. He singled out the Muslim community at a time when rising Islamophobia is resulting in increasingly violent hate-crime against Muslims.

Cameron attacked ‘state multiculturalism’ and proposed the creation of a new, but undefined, ‘national identity’. This can only serve to undermine the contribution of diverse communities. Multiculturalism is a reality in Britain as it is a nation built on waves of immigration for thousands of years. This has enriched the economy, society and our culture in ways we take for granted.

Multiculturalism is the right for everyone to live their life as they choose, as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others to do the same. We believe this is a fundamental part of freedom and democracy.

The British expat community in siuthern Spain don't learn Spanish (even after living here 20 years), don't mix with the Spainsh, go to English bars and restaurants and generally "live separate lives" from the locals. They don't like it when it happens in England. I consider it gross hypocrisy to suggest that muslims must integrate into UK society but Brits don't need to integrate into Spanish society.

According to a recent Canadian research, speaking a second language increases"brain power. Learning a language as a child, physically changed the brain and made some areas larger, powerful and flexible and thereforewere resistent to damage. British schooling has committed a crime against humanity to make bilingual Muslim children as notoriously monolingual Brits. Monolingual non-Muslim teachers are not role models for bilingual Muslim children during their developmental periods.

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