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Forum Muslim Schools 
Topic Note for Iftikhar 
Author a Teacher 
Date Created 03/04/2004 18:36:54 
Message I am upset by a generalisation that you have posted on another thread.

"parents who send their children to state schools where they are exposed to teachers who have no respect for Islamic faith and Muslim community. There is a negative co-relation between home and school. The prime aim of schooling is to anglicize all children irrespective of their backgrounds"

As a teacher in a school with a large number of Muslim pupils I would like to state that I respect the Muslim community and respect cultural diversity.

Topic Re: Note for Iftikhar 
Author general surfer 
Date Created 11/05/2004 23:56:31 
Message I am surprised to know that you do respect though I didnt expected. But you can say that again. 
Topic Re: Note for Iftikhar 
Author lea786 
Date Created 18/05/2004 22:18:37 
Message im sure all teachers, muslim or non muslim, show no preference, and all teach the children equally, no one has the right to say other wise without accusing, and we know accusing without evidence is wrong 
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