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Forum Muslim Children 
Topic Hate Preachers 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 26/01/2007 22:46:54 
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Hate Preachers
Not a single Imam preaches religious fascism and racial hatred. Extremism has not been created by the fanatical clerics. Muslim clerics never played any role for the radicalization of Muslim youths. There is no culture of hate, spite and distrust in the Masajid or in Muslim schools. The so- called hate preachers are just religious scholars to satisfy the social, spiritual and emotional needs and demands of the British Muslims in their own languages. The Western media and politicians have an assumption that Islam threatens its liberal sensibilities and it is right to have a go at Islam. It is now open season for attacks on Muslims by politicians, media, institutions and individuals of different faiths or no faith.

The writer Oriana Fallies recently asserted that there is no difference between Muslim extremist and Islam. She still had no trouble winning an audience with the Pope Benedict.
David Cameron, the rising Tory star, campared Islamic extremist to the Nazis threat in the 1930s. Nazism is a European invention, practiced by so-called civilized Europeans. Nazi ideology is exclusively based on the supremacy of one race, while Islam is the exact opposite, all races being equal. Bush and Blair have repeatedly pointed to their cultures’ compassionate values, and condemned the barbarity of Muslim militants. The speech by the Pope, which aroused a world wide storm, went well with Bush’s Crusade. The head of OFSTED said that the rise of Muslim schools is a threat to Britain’s sense of national identity and fail to teach tolerance. America’s religious Right regards Islam is an evil ideology that inspires young angry Muslim males in western society. Tony Blair considers veil as a mark of separation and he fully supported the LEA who suspended and sacked the poor teacher. Masajid, Imams, Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers, veil, Halal foods and Arabic and Urdu languages are not a mark of separation but marks of identity. Universities and colleges across Britain are to spy on Muslim students for their suspected involvement in Islamic extremism and supporting terrorist violence. Racist incidents in London schools have increased 26% since the 7/7 bombing and the debate about the wearing of the veil has prompted further incidents. An EU report said that Europe’s Muslims face broad discrimination. Islamophobia included” discriminatatory and aggressive treatment by police”, a factor cited in youth unrest. A German teacher described the defeat of Ottoman forces at the edge of Vienna, as something to be celebrated, otherwise, boys would have been circumcised and the girls would have to cover from head to toe. The real hate preachers are Western politicians, teachers and media and not Muslim clerics and Muslim teachers.

The long-term solution to terrorism lies not in Guantanamo Bay or British prisons, but in education – education about other religions, tolerance, free speeches, the history and the respect for human life. It is not the Muslim schools or Muslim majority state schools; it is those schools where native Brits are in majority, needs serious attention in terms of anxiety, bullying of Muslim pupils and threats to Muslim teachers. The role of schools to be highlighted in challenging Islamophobia, schools need to ensure that all children must learn about Islam. Muslim majority state schools should be designated as Muslim community schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models. Those are the real issues tackling extremism and alienation of the Muslim youths.
Iftikhar Ahmad

Topic Re: Hate Preachers 
Author Andy Dyer 
Date Created 29/01/2007 15:47:25 
Message I fear that Muslims have really big hurdles to clear if they are ever to become an accepted norm in British society.

1) British families (in nearly all cases) have husbands and wives who go out to work. I cannot see a future in a British society forever divided between "poor Muslims" and the rest.

2) If Muslim women don't go out to work (and particularily if they have bigger families), then it's difficult to see how their children will ever be accepted. Poor British children suffer quite a lot of fairly serious discrimination - poor Muslim children are bound to suffer worse.

3) While most Jews (other than a few "religious" ones) have more or less become "regular Brits", look at what they gave up. They abandoned different clothing and different weekends and different languages. They've nearly abandoned different religious holidays and different food and separate schooling. Are there Muslims prepared to do the same - how will they seen by the more traditional?

4) Even if it's to become "normal" to be Muslim (to the extent it's normal to be Jewish or Christian Catholic), it will happen only very gradually. Physical differences needn't be a significant bar in the UK, but they will tend to exacerbate other barriers.

Finally, I have a question - how would I (with my wife) set about visiting different mosques? There seems to be a problem, I've asked this of Muslims several times now. On the Internet I'm told I can "just go along", but whenever I ask someone face to face I've not had an answer.

Andy - who, believe it or not, lived in a Muslim society for over 1 year and regularily preaches tolerance. 
Topic Re: Hate Preachers 
Author Steve 
Date Created 30/01/2007 18:56:25 
Message Iftikhar,
You are yet another Muslim who wants to put responsibility for the atrocities, committed in Allah's name, in the hands of infidels. You speak of 'islamaphobia' and blame the West but Islam must be held accountable for the stereotypes it has created. There would be no fear of Muslims if they weren't murdering people all over the world in the name of their religion. You speak of 'role models'. Take a look at the Islamic role models of today.

As of now, Muslim role models are murderers: Osama, the 19 hijackers of 9/11, those responsible for England's 7/7, every suicide bomber in Iraq or Palestine.

Muslims are reponsible for bringing healthy role models to the forefront. Until Islam as a whole can remove the violence done in its name, Muslims cannot place blame elsewhere.  
Topic Re: Hate Preachers 
Author Muhammad Yasir Nasim 
Date Created 06/02/2007 17:57:01 
Message AoA.
Preaching of Islam never started with compulsion. Always, it was carried out by inspiration. A good character has the ability to inspire.
Muslims of today are already divided amongst themselves and have no common grounds for unanimity. At one hand, we have different schools of thought, who are continuously in conflict within themselves, at the other hand, we have a society who have western norms in their lives as signs of status.
Actually the west has portrayed Islam in a negative manner, but do we really have any positive image to project in respect to nullify that negative image ? Surprisingly, we have many here, but no one is followed by every one, and not even by a considerable majority.
I think that if the muslims in the western countries understand and practice Islam well in their lives, then we can demonstrate that Islam never fortifies any discriminatory element in itself and is totally a religion of peace. These muslims must realize that Allah (SWT) Has placed them in the forefront to fight the negative image of Islam in the western mind. But for that, they should be like a muslim who can inspire others of their own true values.

Education about Islam for all in Britain is too much than what their governments can afford; I mean that Islamic morals are in contrast with western morals and Islamic history cherishes Najashi and Crusades etc. So what remains behind is Islamic Fiqah......but it alone is a troubling thing to be educated like that in a christian pre-dominant state. I think that Muslim communities must organize themselves and try to educate first the distant Muslims over there, the true morals of Islam so that they may exhibit and carry the true image of Islam for the inspiration of others. For time being, they can publish counter articles(not mere retaliation but defining the truth about Islam)in order to nullify the negative image and should portray the true image of Islam. But for all this, they require an amiable comprehension of Islam by themselves. The other important thing is that we must develop in competencies and skills, which shall not directly change the negative Image of Islam but shall make them care about Muslims as a solid economy in comparison. Both targets are hard to achieve and require persistence and patience. Yet it requires a true deliberation from our side to understand Islam by ourselves in order to make it to be understood.

Nonetheless, what we must have acknowledged by now is the importance of unanimity and a sense that Islam is for every person. Each one is allowed and is responsible to develop a rationality of Islam in his/her mind, and because of that, I am quite optimistic that every one will conclude to the same morals and values, and will be quite equipped to face the threats to Islam, there and then.
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