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Forum Muslim Schools 
Topic Church of England multfaith school? 
Author Abubakar Bin Kassin 
Date Created 02/06/2004 19:56:38 
Message I am a former Muslim who is now a Christian, I wouldn't DARE support the mult faith. May Allah forgive the Church of England. May he bring them to the truth of knowing his Son Jesus Christ. I pray that i may never see that in my days. 
Topic Re: Church of England multfaith school? 
Author James Watchman 
Date Created 16/06/2004 10:05:21 
Message Being a christian I obviously want all people to come to a saving knowledge Jesus whom the Muslim prophet, I understand, accepted was the Christ. Nevrtheless I think that if proper emphasis is put on the differences between the religions in such a school and yet tolerance promoted the idea of multifaith school is not such a bad one. The worst thing is when a school claims to be multifaith and ends up teaching faithlessness. 
Topic Re: Church of England multfaith school? 
Author MaureenDavies 
Date Created 27/11/2005 03:04:19 
Message I am a christian and always have been, ans I am very much in favour of the multi-faith schools.
All religious sects need to learn about each other and this includes christianity. My main reason for supporting the idea of multi-faith schools id to teach our children tollerance of other's faiths.
Muslims in particular, need to learn to be tollerant of others cultures and religion. Teaching the children about multi-faith is the way to co to combat bigotry in the future. 
Topic Re: Church of England multfaith school? 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 27/11/2005 10:57:18 
Message All state schools are multi-faith schools, mis-educating and de-educating Muslim children for the last 50 years. They have been victim of bullying and racism and the school authorities always try to hide all incidents under the carpet. British education system is the home of institutional racism and it is the fault of the native teachers. There is no place for a foreign culture and language in state schools, even the teaching of European languages is in a mess. State schools and native teachers are not suitable for teaching bilingual Muslim children. They need bilingual Muslim teachers as role models. 
Topic Re: Church of England multfaith school? 
Author khyberman@gmail.com 
Date Created 01/12/2005 23:45:43 
Message No Ifthikar they do not need different teachers than the teachers my children are learning from.

If you do not like it, leave!! 
Topic Re: Church of England multfaith school? 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 02/12/2005 16:24:56 
Message State funded Muslim schools are for those who would like to send their children to be educated by bilingual Muslim teachers. You are living in a free country and no body is going to force you either to teach in such schools or send your children for education. You better mind your own business. 
Topic Re: Church of England multfaith school? 
Author Maureen Davies 
Date Created 02/12/2005 22:37:15 
Message Iftikhar: Re your email of 27/11. As you say, all state funded schools are multi-faith in that they accept children from all faiths. I am saying that apart from this, schools could teach multi-faiths to all the children. This way it will teach them about other's faiths and create a more tollerant understanding for the next generation. Personally, I do not think Muslim schools per se are the answer, because the teachers employed there are reluctant to teach about other religions. It creates the same problem as for exaple a christian school that only teaches christianity. Once again, we come back to a more acceptable solution to combat bigotry, ie. to give the children muti-faith education. 
Topic Re: Church of England multfaith school? 
Author Spammed 
Date Created 03/12/2005 00:15:41 
Message You say you are living in a free country but you still haven't distanced yourself from terrorist acts looking to remove freedoms of all people.

You say the Education system is racist and yet your views are severely blinkered, quoting sources of little or no credibility.

You say better mind you own business. That is very much like a threat. If it isn't, clarify it...or it will be taken as such.

Back to the point of your post though...why do they need teachers to be role models? Surely a teacher if they are a 'fit person' the primary concern should be their professionalism and teaching ability.

Children will pick their own role models. You forcing one on to them will acheive nothing. If anything it will acheive the opposite as rebelliousness is the mark of the young. This is why in so many countries the young or students are the greatest centre for creating an environment of political change.

You don't get many suicide bombers of pensionable age do you?

If you want to provide role models from within the Islamic community then you need to look to other areas other than schools.

Or is all this going over your head. Do you think about it Ifty?

Be careful intransigence is often taken as simply being delusional. 
Topic Re: Church of England multfaith school? 
Author The Khyberman 
Date Created 05/12/2005 00:28:00 
Message This IS my business!!!

State funded means paid for in part with MY TAXES. Have you ever paid taxes Ifty? Do you know what taxes are?

Do you know where your housing benefit and your benefit cheque come from? As it is we are paying for the Bakris and the Hooks.

I am going to repost something I had written a while ago and I would like you to answer some of the questions I had.

I dare you!

The Khyberman

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