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Topic we r muslim?????? 
Author rukhsaar rukhsar 
Date Created 06/01/2005 02:58:55 
Message today we r just fighting with each other,we can say that we r fighting for our satisfaction only,we r fighting with our own muslims brothers on caste,cred,heqeda etc..
as we know that RASOOL-UL-LLAH was not againts kafers ,THEY r againts kufer.
but today we ignore HIS teachs 
Topic Re: we r muslim?????? 
Author Romesh Chander 
Date Created 23/01/2005 14:04:15 
Message What did you write? Did you get an education? Read your post agains; does it make any sense. No wonder muslims cannot convince anybody because they cannot speak/write other gibberish. 
Topic Re: we r muslim?????? 
Author steve 
Date Created 29/07/2005 16:52:32 
Message I knew nothing about Islam until i went to Saudi Arabia to work for 5 years with an open mind. Far from being converted, radicalised etc. I have seen islam from another angle. I believe it is a failed religion, very sinister with muslims jealous of the Wests lifestyle... 
Topic Re: we r muslim?????? 
Author Naufal Zamir 
Date Created 29/07/2005 23:21:23 
Message Assalamualaikum

There is a lot of misunderstanding about Islam. If people really sincerely wish to know what is Islam they have to have an open mind and try to search the TRUTH.

Islam cannot be learnt from Orientalists. Neither can Quran be understood by simple reading of it. There is a method to understand Quran. A little learning becomes dangerous when it comes to self-interpretation of Quran.

I think rather than getting bogged down with details or Islam which may or may not have different opinions, which neither proves or disproves anything - one who really wants to know Islam should ask -

Does God/Allah exist?
If God exist then is it rationally possible to believe the three in one stereo player theory or monotheism is the only plausible understanding?
If Allah/God exist then has He communicated to us?
If He has then which one is the authentic communication?
Are there Proofs that Quran is the word of Allah?
What are the proofs that Quran is still intact and preserved they way it was sent by Allah?

Looking at this website may help - www.harunyahya.com, there are lot more similar... just giving an example.

These are the basic questions rather than taking extracts from Quran without knowing or understanding the reason for revealation and history of that extract.

If the whole idea of having this group is hypocritical i.e. to allow Non-Muslims to denounce Islam - then May Allah help the owner of this website to become enlightened from ignorance.

Topic Re: we r muslim?????? 
Author MaureenDavies 
Date Created 01/08/2005 10:23:56 
Message Rukhsar Rukhsar: You stated that Muslims are fighting each other, but unfortunately so are christians. Look at the situation in Ireland between protestants and catholics.
The problem is more that Christians and Muslims should learn more about each other's faiths, and so learn tollerance. I have noticed in general, that Muslims do not want to know about christianity and have very narrow views on any religion other than Islam, and that includes those who write on this site.
We could all make a start by trying to see things from others perspectives. 
Topic Re: we r muslim?????? 
Author but the uk is not 
Date Created 14/09/2005 17:50:33 
Message We cannot wait until the day Enoch powell said there will be rivers of blood. he didnt mention....it will be muslim blood 
Topic Re: we r muslim?????? 
Author MaureenDavies 
Date Created 29/12/2005 23:16:10 
Message rukhsaar rukhsar: Your original comment that started this thread, is worthy of a comment. Yes, Muslims are fighting each other, but so are christians (unfortunately). So long as the fighting is restrained to healthy debate, then it does not matter. It is of more concern that the two afore mentioned groups are at loggerheads with each other. The question is what can we as ordinary citizens do to alleviate it? I suggest we can start to learn about each others religion and culture. 
Topic Re: we r muslim?????? 
Author *10 stars muslim* 
Date Created 20/07/2006 11:56:55 
" but the uk is not"

but it will be soon.!!!!

yee don't get it!!!, One non muslim says how can all religions be right when all religions say that all religions are wrong, (he is now a muslim!!), one of the reasons muslims are here is to save you from the hell fire. Uk is not just for you!!!, sure look at me i am irish,!!! whoever said go find somewhere islamic, then go find somewhere there isin't a single muslim, There would be no such place!!!
All arab countries have so many non- arabs and non- muslims and they aren't being told to leave the country.

and that muslim blood thing????..................
y are yee people so angry at us, what have we done, someone give me an answer????????

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