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Forum Muslim Schools 
Topic Ifitkar's latest letter 
Author Joe Phillips 
Date Created 28/12/2008 22:45:23 
Message “It is a Secularist plot to undermine faith schools.” Substitute Islamic for Secularist and faith by Christian and you have a typical rant by the BNP.
I expect better of you Iftikhar, as an atheist I have no desire to destroy any religion, I just expect a level playing field, which requires all state schools to be non-religious and for each community to take responsibility for teaching their philosophy to their children.

You complain that:
“Muslim children leave schools with Identity Crises crucial for mental, emotional and personality development. Institutional racism is rife in schools and is responsible for poorer academic of most Blacks and Muslim children.” Yet the BNP will no doubt bring to your attention, that in the London area working class white kids are performing worse than any other group in examinations and the percentage who go on to further education is, sadly, pathetic. Who is to blame? Could it be the parents not taking enough interest in their offspring? And could this apply to those Muslim children you refer to?

You say: “British teachers have no respect for Islamic faith and Muslim community.” I know lots of teachers, three of whom are members of my family, and the one thing they have in common is caring about every child they have contact with ( two of my children deal with special needs pupils), the religion and colour of those children is the last thing they worry about.

You talk of schools in Bradford having 90% Muslim pupils, then I take it that the chairperson and majority of the governing body is Muslim – what are they doing to improve the school’s progress?

I could go on, however my wife has called me to dinner, and like all good atheists I know my duty.
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