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Topic Muslim Schools 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 07/04/2009 21:15:32 
Message Muslim schools continue to improve in their GCSE results. For the third consecutive year Muslim schools advanced on their previous results and surpassed the national average. The reason is that there is a positive co-relation between a Muslim school and a Muslim home. Muslim children develop self-confidence and self-esteem and they do not suffer from Idenbtity Crises.

Muslim schools provide an outstanding standard of education for a couple of thousands young children across the country.Ex-pupils of Muslim schools have developed into examplary citizens and participate in all aspects of civic society. Independent analysis and thorough OFSTED inspections have demonstrated that academic achievement, behaviour, social and emotional development in Muslim schools is consistently and subtantially better than local and national averages. Higher standard meant that an increasing number of Muslim parents choose to enrol their children in a Muslim school. There is a dire need for more state funded Muslim schools and the only solution is that those state and Church schools where Muslim children are in majority, may be designated as Muslim community schools.

Muslim parents would like their children to learn and be well versed in standard English to follow the National Curriculum and go for higher studies and research to serve humanity. But majority of Muslim children leave schools with low grades because monolingual teachers are not capable of teaching English to bilingual children. At the same time Muslim children need to be well versed in Arabic, Urdu and other community languages to keep in touch with their cultural roots and enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry. They leave schools without learning such languages. If you ignore or neglect the mother tongue of a child , he is not going to learn a second language. Bilingualism is an asset but the British schooling percieves it as a problem. Therefore, it is crucial that Muslim children must have their own state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods, otherwise, they will keep on suffering academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. In all western countries, each and every Muslim child must be in a state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers.

A 13 years old Pakistani girl has written a 760 pages novel in English and was honoured by the President of Pakistan. She is well versed in Urdu and English because she has bilingual teachers who are well versed in Urdu as well as in English.
Iftikhar Ahmad
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