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Forum Muslim Children 
Topic Muslim Community and Terrorism 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 22/04/2009 15:31:26 
Message There is no difference between the policies of BNP, Tory or Labour, as far as Muslim community is concerned.

Muslim community has been victim of racism and discrimination for the last 60 years by the British society in every walk of life. The situation has gone from bad to worse.

Now Muslim community is vicitm of terrorism. Thousands of Muslim youths are being searched in streets for no reason and hundreds of them are behind the bar without any trial. British prisons are the training grounds for criminals and when they leave prisons there is a possibility that they would committ some kind of terrorist activities. There is a growing sense of alienation and insecurity among Muslim youths across Britain, inspite of two Muslim ministers, couple of MPs and Lords, an army of local councillors and a jungle of state funded Muslim organisations and so called Muslim leaders. They are the "show boys" of the British Establishment. None of them represents the needs and demands of the diverse Muslim community.

Recently, Pakistani students were detained on terrorism chages by the police. Their arrest will lead to more scare-mongering.They were convicted even before trial. Gordon Brown said the arrests could have foiled a "very big terrorist plot". The arrests have quickly led to accusations against Pakistan for not doing enough in the fight against terror. Gordon Brown also believes that there are links between terrorists in Britain and terrorists in Pakistan. Pakistan has become the nexus of terrorism within the media, much of western think-tanks and government circles. Police could not find any thing suspicious. Britain had given Pakstan no evidence against them. Now they are going to be deported to cover up blunders and mistakes because of lack of evidence. Gordon Brown should tender an apology and they should be compensated and should be allowed to continye their education for better community relations and cohesion.
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