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Topic Free yourselves 
Author Ab Razzaq 
Date Created 04/05/2010 20:52:40 
Message On almost every page on the Koran there are calls for violence against the "infidels." Some will say there are calls to peace, but for every one call to peace there are ten calls to violence.

Islam is a viciously oppressive ideology that stifles progress and individual freedoms. It enables those that would abuse power to abuse absolutely and those that follow to follow without a shred of thought. The result is the horrific trampling of individual rights and liberties. The result is unthinking brutality.

Why do Muslims need "Islamic scholars" to interpret the Koran for them? The Qur'an describes itself as a clear and complete book, and so by its own definition it needs no explanation and no scholars. To say otherwise is to speak against the Qur'an. Yet like sheep (no independent thought), Muslims rely on "scholars" to tell them how to lead every aspect of their lives. People with power are known to be corrupt and to manipulate their followers for their own ends. Muslims, tear up the Koran and become free thinkers. It is only a book and nothing bad comes from destroying works of fiction.

Freedom to insult a religion goes hand in hand with freedom of religion and freedom to disagree and question. You can't just draw a line and say "You can't insult religion" because there is no line that determines when disagreeing with the scripture is insult or valid questioning of existing interpretation.
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