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Topic Multi-culturalism Vs Uni-culturalism 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 13/03/2011 15:43:00 
Message Subject: Multi-culturalism Vs Uni-culturalism

David Cameron speech was misleading, ill-timed, counter-productive. He has insulted the Muslims who is meant to serve and has demonstrated a failure to understand the Muslims and their faith. He looks what he is, ignorant, spoilt Etonian brat and extremely immature. He is totally out of touch with the common man on the street, be the Muslim or otherwise. His comment of "multiculturalism has failed" has inspired yet more anti-Muslim propogander? He should be arrested for indicing hatred!

Muslim community is shocked at the honourable British prime minister's speech in Munich about multi-culturalism. The messages from the EDL in Luton and from Munich were the same. While alcohol-slurred chants of "E – E – EDL" and anti-Muslim hate speech too foul to reprint here could be heard up and down Luton's town centre streets, another more urbane voice added its plum tones to the cacophony. British Prime Minister David Cameron gave a landmark speech setting out his vision for British Muslims. Does the government mean to say that it will not engage with any Muslim group or mosque that believes, for example, that homosexuality is a sin? Does it mean that any Muslim school that teaches the differing shares of inheritance to which Muslim men and women are Quranically entitled will be denied government funding? Does it mean that parents who do not wish their child to participate in mixed-sex physical education lessons, music lessons or sexual education lessons are closet terrorists at worst and an enemy of British society and values at best?
I was at a loss to understand why Cameron made the comments he did as they were as daft as his Happiness Index. But what worried me about them is the increase in discrimination they could cause against ‘ordinary’ members of minority groups which is about the most effective form of recruiting-sergeant I can think of. His message is that Muslims are not wanted. He contradicts himself when he says we don't tolerate racism in Britain after making a highly racist speech! When all around is going wrong, the economy is not turning round and no plan B in place........let’s do what Britain’s have always done; blame ethnic minority communities. I think Cameron was very un-wise to go down the path he did. Majority of Muslims, for that is what he was attacking; already live to British way of life. There is no danger of Sharia laws taking precedence over British. And why do Brits when they migrate abroad not integrate with the natives? We have British ghettos in France, Spain, and Italy etc. Yet they fail to often learn the language. One rule for one eh Mr. C? I still don't understand which 'British values' Mr. Cameron was talking about. The only core values that the British leaders have are hypocrisy and bigotry. Looking at their not-so-distant past, they looted the world, occupied lands, never gave freedom to people, never even taught them democracy, never had any elections held in the occupied countries and gave no one any freedom of speech in the occupied countries.

David Cameron is a wolf in BNP and EDL skin. He is spouting his Islamaphobic claptrap because he is a racist and a bigot. And because he is pandering to idiots in the hope of gaining a few votes from the Nazi BNP and UKIP. In his long, pathetic speech about multiculturalism, the PM never even mentioned the EDL, either.
The greatest threat to UK is the failure of the economy. Cameron wants to blame the Muslims diverting attention from the real problems in the same war Hitler wanted Germany in the 1930s to blame the Jews. So as you wait in a dole queue, angry and furious about the loss of the factories or businesses in your town, you won't blame the bankers who are bleeding the economy with bonuses. Or the fat cats who are finding loopholes so that they don’t pay taxes. But you will blame the Muslims, despite the fact they are also victims of the criminal economic lunacy.

Why does Cameron fail to speak out against the neo-Nazi EDL rampaging through Luton, Harrow and other northern counties and chanting racist and Islamaphobic abuse on our streets? The timing of Mr. Cameron's speech has been questioned as it came on the day of a march in Luton by the far-right English Defence League. David Cameron has done more to embolden the far-right in a single speech than anyone since Enoch Powell. I have a hard time believing this was an accident, I think it was deliberate. I hope everyone here realises just how dangerous the EDL actually is, the threat they pose to law-abiding Muslims, and to the country as a whole. The Tory party is openly courting the EDL, and we should be very afraid of what this means for the country.

British society was and still does not believe in the process of Multiculturalism. Perhaps he should instead say “Britain has failed at multiculturalism”. Its individualism and globalisation that are undermining a strong national identity. The outcome of globalisation is Multi-culturalism. The reason multiculturalism has been failing because the government policy has not been a multicultural policy - it has been an integration policy where all people are melted into one culture. It is the uni-culture that has failed as it does not allow for respect of different cultures. The majority of Muslims in the UK is well-integrated and support and promote democracy, equality and British rule of law.
A survey last year of the first-ever study of Islamic interfaith relations across the world, carried out by Gallup and the Coexist Foundation, challenged the view that the country’s 2.4 million Muslims are largely intolerant of the British way of life. British Muslims were found to identify more strongly with the UK than the rest of the population, and have a much higher regard for the country’s institutions. 77% said they strongly identified with UK. The ultra Orthodox Jewish communities of Stamford Hill, who live very segregated lives and do not mix at all with mainstream or other communities. Their children do not go to mainstream state schools for example. But they live peacefully side by side with a very large Asian Muslim community. The vast majority of Muslims feel British; they are not always seen as British by wider society. It is harder to integrate and ‘belong’ to a society if you are not accepted and you encounter discrimination
British schooling has been trying to force Muslim children to learn, speak, read and write English only so that they could become notoriously monolingual Brits. There is no arrangement for them to learn Arabic, Urdu and other community languages. They have been victim of racism because British schooling is the home of institutional racism and native teachers are chicken racists. A Teacher Union once called Muslim schools as Osama bin Laden Academies. Even Baroness Warsi claimed that prejudice against Muslims is widespread and socially acceptable.
British PM has urged migrant Muslims to assimilate or in other words f...off. They must adopt British values of anti-social behaviour, binge drinking, drug addiction, teenage pregnancies and abortions, gun and knife culture and racism.
Is there a real problem with the children of migrants NOT learning English? Or is this something from the Conservative Central Command Random Policy Generator.

Highly skilled migrants from outside the EU are essential to British economy. I would have thought that 'highly skilled' meant they would have a reasonable command of the English language as do most EU workers. they have not come here to change their way of life they are here because their skills are badly needed for the economic prosperity of the British society. And the Brits who go to work in say Germany or other EU countries. How many have a good command of the language when they arrive. A few may be but most will learn very little or none at all. They send their children to English medium schools instead of local schools. There is a difference between speaking/knowing English and English being the first language. So a Frenchman or an Italian will know English but may be speaking their language (mother tongue) at home. Their kids are unlikely to know English until they start going to school. Are these parents expected to teach their children 2 or more languages? I know the trouble getting them to speak and make logical sentences, let alone different languages. I wish people thought intelligently before they went about migrant bashing.

Perhaps English people could learn to read and write their own language as well please Dave. How about teaching the British how to speak it first can't understand half the northerners, Scottish and welsh. Native parents teach their children English. Funnily enough, every immigrant I know can speak at least some English as well as one or more other languages, whereas young English kids, who've been raised on television and hardly know how to have a conversation, can hardly master their own language, let alone anyone else's. You people love to blame everyone else, but the rot set in right here at home: it's not government's fault, it's not immigrants' fault, it's yours, for your laziness, your smugness, and your arrogance.

Migrants learn the language properly, and ultimately, can read and write it better than the English children. I would wager that many Brits would fail a language test as well. As for you can only live here if you speak the language, may I ask how many of Brits living in Spain have taken the trouble to learn the language of the country they live in? The Brits in British-themed resorts in Spain get angry when the waiters don't speak fluent English and there’s no fish and chip on the menu. Aren't the British supposed to have an innate sense of irony?

How many English nationals living in SPAIN can actually speak a word of Spanish?? ....You guessed right. Not many. So what is the Prime Minister talking about?? How about a rule that British people must teach their children (correct) English? Most of the immigrants have better grammar and spelling than some of the native-born parents round here.

I am wondering if David Cameron knows anything about language learning; it appears not. Children under the age of about 10 can very easily learn a new language quickly if immersed in it (as they would be by going to school). Many migrant children born in the UK didn't speak English until they went to school. It didn't affect their education/life chances; they all went to University and now have good jobs (oh and they're bilingual). In addition, a friend who has taught in East London schools told me that if parents don't speak English perfectly they should NOT speak English to their children as then the kids start school with bad English, which has to be unlearned. If a child can speak one language (whatever it is) correctly, then they can learn a second without a problem. It is beneficial if children learned their 'mother tongue' first before English. Who cares if English isn't a first language as long as it is spoken competently? Some migrants who have been in the UK a long time may well have a different language as their first language but actually speak English better.

The whole world belongs to Muslims. A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He/she does not want to become notoriously monolingual Brit. He/she must learn and be well versed in standard English to follow the National Curriculum and go for higher studies and research to serve humanity. At the same time he/she must learn and be well versed in Arabic, Urdu and other community languages to keep in touch with his/her cultural roots and enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry.

I'm not sure how learning English will help stop extremism either, many of those who have carried out/plotted atrocities have been highly educated. Speaking English does not promote integration into British, American and Australian societies, and broaden opportunities. English speaking Muslim youths are angry, frustrated and extremist, thanks to English language. They still face discrimination in employment, education and housing. English language is not only a lingua franca but also lingua frankensteinia. Human right also covers linguistic right. Cultural and linguistic genocide are very common. British schooling is murdering community languages like Arabic, Urdu and others. English is today the world killer language. Linguistic genocide is a crime against humanity and British schooling is guilty of committing this crime.
Iftikhar Ahmad
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