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Topic Inter-Culturalism 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 13/07/2014 16:09:44 
Message Here in America, we often have many discussions about segregation. The Jim Crow laws were abolished the 60s, but American cities are still incredibly segregated. And its not just black and white, because almost every ethnic group, from the Chinese to the Italians, has their own neighbourhood or enclave. Whenever we talk about this, the idiots in the media always come up with some bogus reason as to why we behave this way. The answer is simple, people like to live with people who are like them. Blacks and whites in America don't want to live with each other. Chinese and Italian people wish to remain in their own communities, where they feel a sense of belonging. I don't understand why we simply can't accept this, and why we feel that everybody needs to be forced together.

My understanding of multiculturalism is that it encourages each racial, religious or national group to retain its old languages, lifestyles and loyalty to their previous country - or that of their parents or grandparents, with no obligation to adapt to their new country or gain any loyalty to it. Perpetual ex-pats in fact. Birds of a feather flock together.

I once knew a teacher - now long dead - who incurred official disapproval because he taught his classes, consisting mainly of brown children with a few pink ones in amongst them, that they were all Scottish. He maintained that since they had been born in Scotland and lived all their lives here, that they were indeed Scottish. He was meant to inculcate a loyalty to Pakistan in them. He argued that their parents would teach them Pakistani culture, if that's what they wanted to do, and he would teach them Scottish culture.

I also recall going to a talk and, at question time afterwards, a young lady from a group of Asian people got up and said that, though she was born and brought up in the UK, she had had no encouragement to feel she belonged, because her family and 'community' taught her she was Pakistani, and so did her teachers at school. Presumably they had received the same instructions as my teacher friend. So basically you are saying that the children of immigrants should have been forced to drop all cultural links to their parents' culture and become "British". Are you Norman Tibbett?

I believe the philosophy of encouraging minorities to integrate with the majority while retaining, and indeed sharing, their own culture is "Inter-culturalism"

Multiculturalism was always impossible when an established society permits another whose values differ so radically. Friction is guaranteed, for what the host sees as the refined expression of rational humanism, the other sees as contrary to ancient irreproachable law. What one sees as traditional cultural and religious obligations the host sees as regressive and threatening. A culture of fear and intimidation has developed inside some of Birmingham's state-funded schools, says Ofsted's chief inspector, Michael Wilshaw. Is this the Michael Wilshaw who said: "If anyone says to you that 'staff morale is at an all-time low', you know you are doing something right"? It looks like it isn't fear and intimidation he objects to, just who practises it. Ofsted's report finds that in Park View school, the sexes are segregated inside the classroom, their sports events are scheduled for different days and that a "madrasa curriculum" denies evolutionary theory and omits reproduction from biology classes. The problem is that you can find segregated classes for PE and sex ed in lots of schools and not just these.And the issues with the curriculum? Well, if you will let academies dis-apply bits of the national curriculum, then you must be prepared for the result. I notice Ofsted will start to look to see whether they regard schools are running.

Multiculturalism in itself is not really a problem; the problem is fear of what we don't understand and a lack of consideration and inquisitiveness. People who fail to go and explore the culture and population of the country they're in are just as guilty as those who fear difference in their midst and the lack of control and understanding that entails. Cooperation and consideration, without hysteria, is key. Children should be taught to smile, listen to others and express themselves in interesting and amusing ways. We need a more humane way of looking at individuals.an unbalanced curriculum...that might start to get interesting for Michael Wilshaw's boss at the DFE since he seemed to be in favour of "schools running themselves" rather than those local politicians and bureaucrats.

Ofsted's report finds that in Park View school, the sexes are segregated inside the classroom, their sports events are scheduled for different days. Outrageous! Oh, wait a minute... Eton is an all boys school. They don't even admit girls. Put them on special measures! and that a "madrasa curriculum" denies evolutionary theory and omits reproduction from biology classes. Outrageous! Oh, wait a minute... Many of Gove's 'academies' are Christian schools, staffed by unqualified teachers who are card carrying creationists. Just the sort of Christian fanatics who teach religious dogma as 'science'. They aren't very keen on sex either. Put them on special measures! One teacher has handed out a worksheet stating that women must always obey their husbands, Outrageous! Hang on a minute... The phrase, 'to love, honour and obey,' is still used in many, if not most, Anglican wedding ceremonies. Put Anglican schools on special measures! And another has been using school facilities to copy Osama bin Laden DVDs. Admittedly this does sound very dodgy. What was the context? Was it done to indoctrinate pupils in Al Qaida politics? Or was it done to make them aware and think about the nature of ideological fanaticism, rather like teaching children about the Nazis? We should be told. I think 'British values' are bollocks. Personally I've never heard of them. are they like John Major's spam fritters? Or John major's 'family values'. I think a value that might be applied here is one where government doesn't leap to the knee-jerk conclusion that 'outsiders' (many of the people affected by this bollocks are from families that have lived in the UK for 40 or 50 years) are dangerous. Gove is a Pollock.

Get the state out of education. Only a free market can possibly cater for the diversity of our society and match it in richness - and at a price it can afford. The state has no place to prevent people giving their kids the education they want to. If the state loosened its monopoly grip, all sorts of affordable alternatives would be able to compete. That is he real, bottom up multi-culturalism - not your state sponsored political correctness or mono cultured Britain. Park View is funded by the State and is required to follow certain rules. Eton is an independent fee paying school and doesn't have to follow the same rules, or indeed, many at all. This supposed "freedom of choice" over schooling is one the "British Values" that you are currently in denial about. I see. So if Eton were to indoctrinate their all male cohort in Al Qaida philosophy and Sharia law then that would be okay because they are a fee paying public school, but it's not okay for one of Gove's academies to do it in Bradford. And these are British values are they? They're bollocks.

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