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Topic Terrorism 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 13/07/2014 16:32:51 
Message A reporter asked Muslim preacher German Salahuddin Baavugin the relationship between terrorism and Islam, he replied : ~ of which sparked the First World War ? Muslims ? ! ~ Of which sparked the Second World War ? Muslims ? ! ~ Of which has killed 20 million human soul of Australian Aborigines ? ! Muslims ? ! ~ Who sent bombs to hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? Muslims? ! ~ Of which has killed more than 100 million Indians of the American Indians in North America? Muslims ? ! ~ Of which has killed more than 50 million Indian of Indians in South America ? Muslims ? ! ~ Pastrakkak of which has about 180 million African slaves had died and about 88 % of them and been thrown in the Atlantic Ocean ? Muslims ? ! No, they were not Muslims ! ! ! ! Then He added: above all, you have to determine the meaning of terrorism well ; Had a non-Muslim has to do something wrong , then they will be just a crime , but while the Muslims of committing the same mistake it then described terrorism ! ! ! so first you do not double standards , and you will know who the real terrorists ! ! !

To all the haters in this world, if you want to know more about Islam read about Prophet Mohammad peace be upon Him and his household. Don't depend everything on what you hear from people and especially media, because nothing's easier than spreading out rumours. Yes I am a Muslim lady, but I have Christians friends, Jewish friends, Buddhist friends.. so we're not anti-social and bullies... and Thank God we respect everyone because that's what the Holy Quran tells us to do :) Here's the story Mohammad PBUH is just a messenger not an inventor. Allah almighty sent Mohammad to make him introduce Islam to the people. Don't insult Islam, normal Muslims like me don't sit & talk to insult the other religions or the other people. This is wrong! Islam respects the other religions or EVEN people who don't believe in anything.

Before accusing all Muslims as terrorists, make sure you civilize yourself with true facts. Do not depend on media and rumours... You are all blinded with stereotypes.. so in other words, you are all ignorant ! Thank God our religion taught us how to respect peoples religion and opinions. Whatever you say reflects who you follow.. so thanks for proving us right :)

Do you guys have ever read the history of Ustmaniyah Kingdom in turkey before the WW1? if u guys see the real history of Ustmaniyah kingdom, you will agree with all of his points. cuz the in that kingdom, they are not only Muslims, but also Christians and Jews and they were living in peace. UNTIL the world sees it as a threat to the world (bcuz of course they could getting bigger and bigger) they interrupted them and mixed them with politics. just saying though. if u r not convinced, read history

Throughout history, Fascist societies have always tried to exert their totalitarian control by creating a scapegoat, one method is to demonize our Muslim community, the Germans did it to Jews. I believe that to get a better understanding of this subject and Islam in general you need to look at the origins of Islam, the spread of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. One must consider the fact that this leader of Islam has been regarded throughout history as the single most influential figure in human history which is extremely relevant. Once an individual studies Islam in a thoughtful manner and without misconceptions you will get a much clearer understanding and will realise that most things you hear about Islam are false. The only way to really find out is going to the source (Quran) and not reading about it in the Sun or Daily mail.

In Britain Christianity is on the decline Islam is on the rise, a fact of demographics. And don't get me wrong there is no intention nor agenda on the part of any faction, this is just the way that the dice have fallen. This change needs to be recognised as fact by both citizens and government in the western world and managed in the best way possible so that there is no "Clash of Ideologies". Islam in what is now the "West" is slowly going to become more prominent and quite possibly dominant in the fullness of time. I think that the the key question is, can western culture accommodate this change without eventually rebelling? It's completely unfair to demonise Muslims like this. Yes, there are problems, and I believe that British culture should be protected; but the fact of the matter is, is that British Muslims still refuse to let go of many of the characteristics that made the UK great; characteristics such as commitment to having children, strong families, respect for women, and strong communities for starters, characteristics that the West is turning its back on, or even losing.
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