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Topic Muslim Schools 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 13/07/2014 16:38:45 
Message Muslim Schools

There seems to be a lot of hate directed towards Muslims recently. As a Muslim I understand where many of them emanate from but I will not be apologetic about my religion.

The proposal made by the government is something that I welcome and sometime that the mosques that I am associated with already do. Rather, I believe that most Muslims and mosques wouldn't have a problem making this regulatory system compulsory as we have nothing to hide.

The Islamic viewpoint on many issues is clear and we do not hide from our views. For example, Islam prohibits homosexuality in the same manner it prohibits adultery or fornication. Most people on this forum would disagree with these prohibitions from their subjective viewpoints. And as human beings you are entitled to that as we Muslims should be entitled to our opinions. However, this does not entail that I or any other muslim should be hostile towards homosexuals or any other community for that matter. Rather, regardless of a persons sexual orientation, race, religion etc, we should all give each their right an be just.

It seems like that their is a growing trend in the UK which claims to be a society based upon values of justice, freedom and tolerance to disregard these values when it comes to Muslims. Specific actions of specific members of the Muslim community are taken and used to criticise the religion of over 20% of the worlds population.

Many in the west seem oblivious to the many aggressions caused by the Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and atheist communities worldwide. For example what happened in Burma or what is happening in CAF or Uganda with the persecution of homosexuals, or in Northern India recently.

Why all these incidents not taken out of proportion and these same communities alienated and targeted.

Also many seem to forget that more Muslims have been killed by terrorism than any other community. For example in Pakistan over 15000 Pakistani soldiers have lost their lives against the Pakistani Taliban, the number of civilians is close to 50000 all in the last 10/15 years. How many Muslims have been killed in Nigeria by boko haram, who by the way have recently kidnapped a significant number of Muslim girls as well.

Another contention raised is that Muslims don't speak about these issues. This claim is ridiculous, we have been warning against the likes of al Qaeda since the early 90s, we have written books on boko haram and the falsehood they propagate. We have written books refuting the misguidance of individuals such as Omar Bakri, Abu Hamza etc and we have openly debated them and they have been criticised from mosque throughout the world and the UK over the last 10 years.

Ok so only 3% of the population are Muslim and everyone's getting angry over a small minority, be serious and check yourselves, who shapes your opinions, you or the media. More hysteria. Terrorism is not an existential threat to Britain. You are more likely to be shot by mistake by the police than you are to die as a result of a terrorist action. Wake up people the government are manipulating you, spreading fear and hatred and taking away your rights while you sleep. Wake the fuck up.
All this anti-Muslim propaganda is simply divide and conquer. While the politicians and their corporate masters destroy the country, steal the wealth, and leave us fighting over scraps, they need a scapegoat. In the run up to WW2 it was Jews, in the US in the 50s it was Communists, in the 80s there was a brief period where in the US it was Japan, since the end of the Cold War it has been Muslims. In 20 years time when China becomes a bigger threat, I wonder who it will be? Meanwhile, enjoy the meaningless, pointless scandals about Muslims... "Read all about it: Halal water taking over Britain!"

Madrasah staff are already vetted before being appointed through the CRB checks. Madrasah is not compulsory and children attend at the wish of their parents, so shutting down Madrasahs does no-one any favours. If we're going to enforce Islamic syllabi on Muslims, then we'd better be prepared to impose the same rules to the likes of BNP and UKIP and dictate how and what they should think. A stupid idea by a stupid politician to get votes from stupid racist folk who have nothing better to do than to expose their stupidity every time they speak about Muslims, ethnics, etc... Bonkers, as you say.

Syllabi in Madrasah don't teach fundamentalism, simply the tenets of belief and rules & regulations pertaining to ablution, bathing, death, burials, etc.

This whole idea is just about Tories (and LibDems if they support this) to gain votes next week and next year. Please don't make Muslims the scapegoats of your politics.

Well, if native children don't learn fascist, immigrant-bashing, Muslim-hating stupidity in school, where do they learn it?

"Outside of school" you say?

Well, probably the same with Muslims, innit? The Culture Secretary want them to speak English. The Education Secretary want them to speak Arabic. Yes, you are right. Well, don't racist fascists like Gove see mainstream schools as an opportunity to radicalise children and spread their intolerant doctrines?

How does covering ones hair stop them from engaging with wider society?? there are PLENTY of Muslim women in educational establishments and in communities that engage with the wider society.I know that there are absolutely no good Muslims in the world unless they drink alcohol, eat pork and want to have sex with white people (wait, err, forget that last one). The rest are all a bunch of terrorists. And proof of it is that one day when I asked a Muslim lady wearing a scarf whether she was a terrorist, she told me to f*** off, which just confirms that these Muslims are ultra-aggressive bigots who must be sent back home or else thrown into the sea to drown. They absolutely must.

Have you ever spoken to a Muslim woman? And how do we know that women wearing high heels and mini skirts do it as a free choice when western culture sexualises girls from a very young age?
I suggest you actually go out and speak to women with hijabs. You might find out that some women believe in god and see this as pleasing the lord.

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