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Topic Sex Education 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 24/09/2014 21:56:32 
Message I know no one believes in Sigmund Freud anymore - and he had a reputation for over emphasising sex in his theories but even he argued that the stage of development from around four until puberty was completely sex free (called latency) and should be used for children to grow innocently and all their energy is sublimated into games and learning , not into sex. Did he have a point and is this why we are going so wrong? I dont like sex education for children like this and I have seen more of it and its
consequencies than most in my job. We can all see the results of the lefty liberal trendy teaching methods that has been promoted over the last 20 years the result- no shame no morals no responsibility and no hope!! This is all down to the Elite class who want to destroy all morals,decency etc; they are corrupting the children as early as possible that is why pornography is in all advertising and music videos now , openly bi relationships are flaunted on the TV...this is for 1 reason only to reduce the human being as young as possible to a lower animal vibrational state Anyone who thinks this is acceptable is part of the problem & obviously has very low standards We are better than this. If a member of the public showed this "educational film" to five year olds they would be charged with grooming! These people are sick! Human life is totally unique and precious dont let the sick elites continue to destroy YOUR potential. When I was a school-kid there were no sex education classes. This knowledge was left to our parents to impart. However, we learned most everything we needed to know in the playground off the older kids, and most of us turned out quite well-adjusted.

Teaching about sex at the age of five is all part of a secret agenda to sexualise kids for nefarious reasons! Leave them alone there's plenty of time to learn about this subject when they are older! Let them be kids and enjoy their childhood while they can. If a five year old then starts chasing other kids around the playground thinking they might have some exciting fun they saw on the video, will they be accused of sexual assault? Don't laugh they are actually accusing little kids of this now a days. They are confusing them and putting ideas in their heads and are deliberately manipulating them to be sexulized at a younger age. Then if the children act on it they will blame the parents. In my view the right time to give a child sex education is when he/she asks.Children are naturally curious, as long as they are answered honestly and simply there's no need for any formal sex education until the child asks a question. Five is far too young to have ANY kind of formal sex education. Give them dolls and toys instead of disturbing their minds with such education. What about a game of football or volleyball instead for a five years old child? Children under ten need no form of sex education at all. If we think otherwise, we should seriously question our motives.

Children of five should not need to be burdened by knowledge they aren't ready for. Their world should be simple and full of play. This kind of stuff is to satisfy this modern adult need to not let children be children. They fail to understand it is their duty to allow them a childhood. I've answered very simple questions from my own children and grandsons. Usually quickly satisfied and then something much more important fills their world. No wonder we keep hearing reports of unhappy depressed children..it's adults pushing all sorts of grown up stuff on them, which they aren't meant to give a care about. Well we're obviously doing something wrong with sex educacation for young people as we have one of the highest teen birth rates in Europe.... Teaching children sex education at 5 years of age, denies them of their childhood. They need to grow up gradually & not be made to think like adults at a very young age. Next we will be telling children that 2 men or 2 ladies can have sex.... But oh, wait, we already do!! Barmy lefties win again!!

It is a misnomer to say sex education is needed because girls start their periods young. Periods and sex are unrelated for many years of a young girls life. Of course they need to know about their periods. That is a biological fact, and all girls should be introduced sensitively to the changes that will occur, including the need to bathe more often, wash their hair more often, options for deodorant, Exercising, and options for sanitary protection. This has Nothing whatsoever to do with sex. They would need to know this even if they lived in a female only society. Stop muddying the water by lumping everything in together. Periods and body changes are needed at primary school. No sex education is needed until secondary, if at all. I do not believe a single girl had got pregnant in recent years from a lack of knowledge. There is more knowledge than you can shake a stick at. What is lacking is any guidance.
How is it that since they introduced sex education in schools we have had more school girl pregnancies than ever, the more sex education they have had the worse things have become. Let children be children. Teaching children of a young age that sex is "fun and exciting" is surely going to fuel underage sex and young pregnancies. Why would anyone even want to steal a childs innocence!!! Sex is everywhere you look these days, so for goodness sake leave them alone to enjoy what little time they have to be protected,
Pubescent children need sex education - pre-pubescent children do not need sex education.
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