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Forum Muslim Children 
Topic Homosexuality 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 16/11/2014 20:41:08 
Message Read the Holy Bible - you know, the various parts in the Old Testament where homosexuality is described as (quote)... "an abomination". Are we to take it that the teaching of the Holy Bible is now to be considered an act of `homophobia`? Because if so Education Secretary Nicky Morgan is going to be closing a lot of schools. The Holy Bible, the Holy Koran, The Talmud etc are the "guidebooks" for some of the great faiths ~ so are we to renounce their teachings Ms Morgan...? Or just the bits that are a little, err, `inconvenient` these days...? I think that Ms Morgan is hopelessly out of her depth here, although her intentions may be good.

So homosexuality is now a "British value"?

Gay "marriage" itself is dirtier water. It's not what our physical anatomy was intended for, and this conclusion is the same whether you believe we were created by God or accidentally evolved. We should not normalize homosexuality any more than we should normalize obesity or alcoholism. Though they are not equal or the same, none are healthy lifestyles. No person has ANY right not given to him or her by the Creator. God made the family from the union of 1 man and 1 woman. No human can change God's will. You may choose not to believe in The One True God, but no one will be exempt from the consequences of disobedience. His laws are for the good of all mankind. We were never meant to be demi gods ruling our lives by our own selfish desires. If it is same sex, it is not marriage. It is that simple. Whatever it is it is not marriage. As the saying would have been before schizophrenia ruled the land, "By definition marriage must include one man and one woman." That is what makes marriage. The word was invented for the coupling of a man and a woman. It was not invented for any other kinds of couplings. Can it be made clearer?

The Bible never actually refutes polygamy. The Bible says that it's wrong for a man to put aside his wife for another. In polygamy, the man is not laying aside his wife, he's welcoming another to join. That's why righteous people in the Bible had multiple wives without being criticized by God or others.

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