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Forum Muslim Children 
Topic Hijab 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 16/11/2014 20:50:54 
Message Why is it that a Muslim woman cannot dress modestly without being labelled as oppressed, yet a Catholic nun can do the same without anybody blasting her. This whole skimpy dressed fashion is a 20th century movement. Why hasn't this new movement caught on in the religious circles of Christianity, why do the nuns cover themselves from head to toe. Do you consider the wives of Moses & Abraham or the mother of Jesus as oppressed because they weren't strutting around in bikinis? The difference here is that most followers of Christianity in the late 20th century delegated modesty to the pious ones only. Whereas Islam has maintained that modesty is for all women not just the church affiliated ones! The reason being that Islam does not change with time, its message is universal for all times. I am against anyone being forced to do something, but don't take this away from the millions of Muslim women (especially in the west) who dress modestly because they want to. And you will find within those families too some siblings wearing the head scarf while others not.

Wearing a burka does not prevent Muslim women ‘engaging in everyday life’ in Britain. Baroness Warsi defended the right of Muslim women to ‘choose’ to wear the burka. She suggested that many Muslim women choose to wear the veil of their own free will. ‘Why should we tell women what to wear? What it boils down to is choice. If women don’t have a choice over what to wear then they are oppressed. But if a woman has a choice, and she chooses to wear whatever she chooses to wear then she’s not oppressed is she? She’s choosing what she wants.’ Critics claim that the burka alienates Muslim women from the rest of society. But Lady Warsi said the burka did not act as a barrier in itself. She added: ‘There are women who wear the burka who run extremely successful businesses – internet businesses, which don’t actually require you to be there face to face.’I don't believe it's for the state to say what we can and cannot wear. Any woman who supports the Burkha should wear one. There is a social and economic pressure on Muslim women not to cover themselves with Hijab or Niqab. Syeda Warsi is a member of the Toy Cabinet because she does not cover herself with Hijab or Niqab. Only those Muslim women who are having post of responsibility are those who do not cover themselves. Only those Muslim women receive OBE, who do not cover themselves. Banning the veil or blocking the building of minarets would alienate the Muslim community and threaten social cohesion. There is no need for the British Establishment to ban Niqab because it is a Munafiq society. Those western European countries who have banned Niqab are Kaffir. Some young Muslim feminists consider the hijab and niqab political symbols, a way of rejecting Western excesses such as binge drinking, casual sex and drug use. Which is more liberating: being judged on the length of your skirt and size of your breasts, or on your character and intelligence? A careful reading of the Qur’an shows that just about everything Western feminists fought for in the 1970s was available 1,400 years ago to Muslim women, who are considered equal to men in spirituality, education and worth. When Islam offers women so much, why are Western men so obsessed with Muslim women’s attire? Even British government ministers Gordon Brown and John Reid have made disparaging remarks about the niqab, and they hail from Scotland, where men wear skirts. “common sense” not to wear the niqab because it makes social relations “more difficult.” Nonsense. If this were the case, why are cell phones, e-mail, text messaging and fax machines in daily use? Covering ones body up does not reduce their intelligence or physical and mental capabilities in running their home, raising their kids, getting a degree, making money, being an informed member of society or their social interaction with other fellow humans. The niqab does not make them inferior. Why are people reluctant to associate with us as willingly and openly as with other Muslim women who don\'t cover their face? We don\'t bite or are any different. Is is because they are afraid that we are more \'terroristically\' inclined because we choose to follow our religion more closely? On the contrary, people who follow their religions closely, any religion, realize that they are under more obligation to uphold the sanctity of their faith under all circumstances and no religion teaches violence. To make a long argument short , women who cover their face and observe Niqab, are as normal as anyone else. If we are the victims then we are indeed the victims of mass propaganda and false advertising against Muslim women that has caused this breach of trust between us and the rest of the world. We are very normal, we are very human and we are as intelligent as anyone else....the real beauty and inner strength lies within the mind.

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