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Topic Racism 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 21/02/2015 20:41:21 
Message Racism

Western society is the home of institutional racism.

The term racism is wrong and out dated. People make judgement calls and discriminate against other people for many different reasons. To refer to a group of people as a 'race' is a misnomer. There is only one race, the human race. End of story. People will discriminate against, colour, shades of that colour, texture of hair, geographical location, accent, language, financial income, religion, belief system, ethics, morality, politics, pretty much anything. A white woman has been discriminated against. Been called names, who're, Christian, lost job offers, been refused accommodation and all of this while knowing the word 'racism' has been created just to describe me, because evolution created white skin, from black because of OUR ancestors desire to move across the planet and live in northerly regions.

People are afraid of the new open world. In a generation the Berlin wall fell, China is rising to dominance, their neighbours at home and at work used to come from a province 200 km away now he comes from a country 2000 or 10000 km away. Competition comes from everywhere and people have not been educated to understand.  They can't adjust and find scapegoats, foreigners,  Europe.There are now 2 new classes of people : those who move and those who stay, and those who stay are afraid of those who move

Has racism increased? or have we as a nation become more ignorant? racism is born of fear and lack of intelligence so I'd worry that the wider problem is that the wider population is getting stupider...the worse thing about it is, those idiots are allowed to breed, and in turn pass on their prejudice to their children, so the cycle continues, nobody is born born racist, they are taught it by their dipshit parents... Population of the UK - 63.7 million. Sample size for this survey 3000 with no indication as to where the sample was questioned. So, the suggestion that we are racist derives from a piece of research that questioned approximately 0.0048% of the population - hardly representative...

Different colour skin usually means a different culture, different language, different features, normally also from different countries with different values. Some people donít like change or difference and therefore associate that with race. Not scientific I grant you, but very human. Pity us here in Northern Ireland. A pastor from a well known Belfast church has recently announced in a sermon that Muslims should not be trusted. When asked about this, our First Minister Peter Robinson, who happens to attend this church, declares that he too would not trust Muslims involved in violence,or those devoted to Sharia law, but he would happily trust them to go to the shops for him. That is our leader. The extent of racism in the UK was proven by UKIP's performance in the recent elections, the situation's f*cking shameful.

If you want to see racism in action, head over to the two current threads on immigration. Lots of people proudly declaring themselves to be 'indigenous' or 'native' British or English people... and conveniently forgetting that their ancestors moved here as well. As long as we buy cheap products from countries that the IMF and World Bank keep in bondage, as long as the colour of the skin of these workers living on a pittance is anything other than white, then we will remain a racist country. As long as we who are lucky enough to have been born in the UK see others as less-deserving of a place in our community just because they were unfortunate to have been born in a war-zone far away, then we will remain a racist country. As long as the FTSE 100, public schools and elite universities refuse to reflect the multicultural diversity of the country... Indeed as long as words like multicultural still have any relevance, then we will remain a racist country. As long as we fight the 'war on terror' against opposing ideologies, as long as we are told to fear the rise of China... As long it seems as there are stars.

No political party is saying "we went to freeze immigration" they're saying that they want to reduce the rate of increase. There is a huge difference.in the sky, we will remain a racist country. Perhaps it might be better to ask why UK youngsters aren't working on the farms, in the chicken processing factories or in tourist hotels. Why does the UK need all these foreign workers? We don't. The idea that food was rotting in the fields and hotels unable to recruit staff prior to 2004 is utter nonsense. Workers from poorer countries are prepared to work for lower wages because that money will go much further when they go home. So they'll put up with sleeping five to a room for a few years because they know when they return home they will have enough money to buy a house or open a business. This prices out the local workforce who have rents/mortgages to pay and families to support. The result is that the taxpayer has to fund the now unemployed locals as well as paying for the healthcare and infrastructure needed to support the new arrivals. Privatising profit and socialising loss.Racist fascist Hitler lives in the mind of many people -as a dormant virus lives in our body. It wakes up in a proper environment created by so-called war on terror -reincarnation of old crusade. Finally a leader uses that to gain power and wealth. Recent success of UKIP bears its evidence.

Of course all sorts of bigotry exists but how can it be solved? There is no magic wand for this. Often accusing people of racism -even if justified - is counterproductive and makes it worse. In some areas, some kids are using racist slurs and derogatory comments about other groups and seeing it as funny. No amount of PSHE lessons appear to correct the abnormal behaviour. That kind of residual family background indoctrination is hard to solve. I guess these are the groups most likely to vote for extremists like the BNP.

Most kids though happily mix with kids of other backgrounds so there is hope that we can swamp racist ideas with what is normal behaviour. Rather than point out people, we can point out racist behaviours as being abnormal and perverse. The media have a big part to play in that - but they are part of the problem. Right wing press like the Mail /Express/Sun/Star seem to delight in stoking racism. They are a big part of the problem that those in power need to look at. However, those in power often do the same themselves or do it through those rags. That is why there is a residual problem.

No one has any problem when: Jews keep beards and wear their traditional caps Christian priests and nuns wear their religious outfits Buddhist monks wear orange robes Sikhs keep beards and wear turbans Indian aunties wear Sarees (cross streets and hang out in Wal-Mart) Yeah but if any Muslim male keeps beard or if any Muslim girl wears hijab then everyone has problem. It's Freedom when you go naked but it's extremism when you wear hijab - just plain hypocrisy! Looking at the case of France, a major secular nation, I believe it is also not allowing women freedom by not letting her to wear her choice of clothing as it supposedly "clashes with French secular values".

Stop treating foreigners like garbage and they will stop ruining your precious country. Why did you let them in in the first place if you didn't want them here? They left everything in their countries because of your promises. Are you so anxious to please that you can't say "no"? I would love to see you go to a foreign land where you don't have any friends, you don't even know anyone and you don't speak the language, and start from scratch. I would just LOVE to watch you do that. Let them integrate and stop segregating them. What I want is people being nice to each other. I don't care about race.

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