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Topic Immigration 
Author Iftikhar Ahmad 
Date Created 18/07/2017 23:45:03 
Message An immigrant is an immigrant. He is neither legal nor illegal. I strongly feel illegal immigration is a matter of interpretation. And is used to justify treating other human beings like savages and animals because of the perceived "financial burden" and "lack of integration into English society." Funny. All the illegal immigrants I know, in Phoenix, are the hardest working Sobs around. Up at dawn, waiting for day labour outside Home Depot, working HARD or even pulling weeds all day in the blazing Phoenix sun, anything to earn money to feed their families or send back home. They're not looking for welfare. All they want is work, a driver's license (so they don't break the law), and a chance, however tiny, at getting a piece of the American dream. I don't condemn them. I salute them.

Many European countries are in a pickle. They cannot run their country and pay for their social programs without a certain number people working. They lack the numbers of people of European descent (because birth rates are so low) to pay for everything so they must rely on foreign workers, many of which are illegal because many business owners lobby for it to be that way so they do not have to pay them proper wages and/or health care costs, or treat them like human beings. The West has already stolen everything from their part of the world that could operationalise solutions to their problems. White European and American imperialism... Pretty much the root cause of issues in the third world...just the facts whether you like it or not...

What France and especially the United Kingdom are doing here is a disgrace to the European values and the human rights. Both countries take far less refugees than other European nations like Germany, Sweden, Austria, Belgium or Denmark. Besides, we haven't reached the numbers of refugees we faced during the 1990's Yugoslav Wars so there is no reason to have hysterics.

Most of the refugees come from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Balkans (especially Sinti and Roma), Somalia, Eritrea. It's not an "invasion" (only European neo-Nazis say this kind of crap), it's the result of failed war policies. Direct result of the Bush administration invading the middle east now 100s of thousands fleeing Syria and coming to Italy many of them passing through to go to northern Europe. Violence has consequences.

Some countries should stop moaning and carry out their (humanitarian) duty. The right to dignity is neither a French nor a British privilege, it's a human right. Destroying Libya and Syria has produced a terrible refugee crisis...when you destroy people's countries and lives you get a refugee crisis. France and England deserve this! I hope MILLIONS more Syrians come to their countries. UK and France played huge rule in destroying Syria, and played LEADING rule in destroying Libya. Now they are getting the smoke of a fire they created. Serves them right. As Karen Armstrong has observed, out colonialist/imperialist activities in the middle east (and elsewhere) have made it impossible to live in the countries we've taken over and whose resources we have exploited and stolen. Our activities destroy any possibility of their developing an economic base that sustains the life of the people living there - all so that Europe and the US can continue to enjoy the obscenely wasteful, careless (and, I might add, useless) lifestyle we demand that the rest of the world provide for us. This is only part of the blowback that may logically be expected.

I think it is funny how people think countries stay the same over time. They do not. Before the current USA and Canada, North America was under the influence of American Indian populations for thousands of years. Then North America and all of its holdings were forcibly and not forcibly (treaties) taken by Europeans (current situation in the Canada and the USA). As America is a democracy where the majority is supposed to rule? There is strong evidence that the next step is for Latinos (who will out populate every other group in America in the next few decades) to take the lead in running the USA.

But, there is a hiccup to this process. If the controlling group does not give up its power willingly to the next step of social, racial, and cultural evolution then what will happen? Genocide? Apartheid? How far will Australians, Canadians, Europeans, and Americans go to maintain the status quo? Only time will tell, and as for myself as an American I look forward to new leadership under Latino rule! (Well, maybe not if every Latino named Rodriguez felt the same way you do).

This is a very sad case of humanity - or perhaps the appropriate word is inhumanity. Ordinary people, people without a voice, become victims of leaders who are supposed to protect their citizens. Instead, they use their power to persecute them, making their lives so unbearable that they are willing to gamble with it just to find a place where they can live a decent life. Instead, they face more dangers, more persecution, and harsh treatments as though they are not humans. What is wrong with us? What happened to our humanity? What happened to the value of human lives?

Time will come for all countries to face the same reality. In some African areas, severe droughts, have turned the lives of millions upside down, and displaced the same number.
In the middle east, almost hundred year of intensive Europeans and Americans political and economical meddling, have destabilised and ruined the future of many. Many of them are seeking new beginning, in different European countries, where the economy is more stable and promising.

Here it is Global warming, the spreading drought, from California to Washington state, will reshape population migration. I give it 10 years, before it becomes obvious that a future with a piece of mind...no. A future with a peace of mind will have to be somewhere else, like up north, eventually Canada. You know, the sudden wave of immigrants from Latin America is exclusively due to the punishing drought that has almost erased their farmlands. No food and less water in the villages.

In fact you are looking at the immigrants in Europe, in the same way the native Americans looked at our ancestors, but the difference, is that we took it all from them. So, if you do not forget where our ancestors ran from and how they conquered and took this land, you will look at their reality in a different way, and a better understanding why people would risk it all including their own lives for economical hope. These poor people are refugees from war torn countries and should be given asylum and a helping hand getting back on their feet. Instead Britain and France are acting like Donald Trump, disparaging them attacking them with police and treating them like criminals. What on earth is wrong with Britain and France today??? Britain and France have prospering economies and can well afford to give refuge to a few thousand refugees from war torn countries in accordance with international law. It is their obligation under the U.N. Charter. Period.
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