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Forum Muslim Children 
Topic 5 people, 1 site, all spouting nonsense 
Author mo 
Date Created 20/05/2005 10:07:33 
Message 5 people, 1 site, all spouting nonsense 
Topic Re: 5 people, 1 site, all spouting nonsense 
Author MaureenDavies 
Date Created 27/05/2005 01:24:37 
Message Mo: I do not agree that people on this site are espouting nonsense, even though I do not agree with alot of what is being said.
We have to listen to our Muslim friends, they have a right to their point of view. In the past, christians especially turned away from any religion that was different. By listening and contemplating we can learn and maybe reach some middle ground?  
Topic Re: 5 people, 1 site, all spouting nonsense 
Author Free Way 
Date Created 29/05/2005 17:08:24 
Message Middle Ground! Are you crazy, you don't make peace with enemies because they will devour you in the end. We have a right to liberate Muslims from that awful religion called Islam. Islam is exactly the same as Hitler's Mein Kampf, they both have the same message, "kill the Jews (and Christians)". Hitler brought the 2nd World War, and it has been prophesied in the Scriptures (Yahweh's Word) that Islam (Gog and Magog) will start the 3rd World War. Yahweh warnes His people to stay away from other religions because it destroys them in the end. The 3rd World War will detroy one-third of the earth and one-quarter of the earth's population, Islam's present to the world. Thankfully Islam will be completely detroyed in this war.

Bush is making a huge mistake giving money to the Arabs (Palestines) because he is funding terrorists who will buy weapons to destroy Israel, Bush in no friend of Israel. Bush's "middle ground" or road map for peace is one of the worst betrayals America has done for Israel.

Advised for all readers: read Prophet of Doom by Craig Winn (www.prophetofdoom.net) and Future History by Ken Power (www.futuretruth.net). 
Topic Re: 5 people, 1 site, all spouting nonsense 
Author MaureenDavies 
Date Created 30/05/2005 01:20:13 
Message Freeway and Mo: When I spoke of "Middle ground" I was referring to a sense of religious views, that is, to learn and accept some of all religions into our own. Christians have been slow to do this in the past.
Freeway, as regards your comment about Yahweh and the prophesy: Yahweh, Lord, God and Allah are the one and same person, and for me Christ. Also, we must not confuse the prophet Muhammad with God, Mohammad was prone to sin the same as everyone, only the one God with all the associated names is without sin.
I do not think Islam will be wiped out by a war. If you study the stats, Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth, - which is one of the reasons we have to lern to understand it.  
Topic Re: 5 people, 1 site, all spouting nonsense 
Author aaa 
Date Created 01/06/2005 22:43:46 
Message what's all this rubbish in this website!
I red only lots of rubbish from a bunch of bloody racist!
Palestine is for Palestinians!
Arabs are Arabs not necessary Muslims!And for your knowledge ISLAM IS THE FASTEST GROWING RELIGION IN TODAY'S WORLD.
Shut up all of you !!!!!!
Topic Re: 5 people, 1 site, all spouting nonsense 
Author MaureenDavies 
Date Created 02/06/2005 00:49:45 
Message aaa: It is unclear in your reply, who you think is being racist? Are you referring to the Muslims or the rest of us who write on this website?
Only by seeking out and attempting to understand others perspectives on religion is there any hope of world peace. It is crucial that we instil this into our children to combat bigotry.
It is a fact that Islam is the fastest growing world religion whether we like it or not! 
Topic Re: 5 people, 1 site, all spouting nonsense 
Author Free Way 
Date Created 02/06/2005 07:10:08 
Message The fastet growing religion by using the sword (suicide bombers and terrorism, as Allah commands)! By diligently studying history you will find the Crusades were not even Christians, they were Europeans scared of losing territory to the murderous Muslims who were slowly gaining ground towards Europe. Islam was moving very fast slaying every town on the way, many of these towns did not even have any weapons yet Muhammad surrounded them and starved them to death. He even robbered innocent caravans plying their trade, not just robbed but murdered them too. The Crusades only carried the symbols of Christ because during that time Pope Benedict IV was fixated on power and wealth and had lost sight of the Truth, just like George W Bush who uses "God" for his cause. If you read the Gospels you will find Yahshua preached a message of love and peace. In His message too was the clear message to be intolerant of all religions because they lead you astray from your Creator. The last command of Yahweh to kill was more than 3200 years ago, the Canaanites were more ruthless than Muslims and Yahweh saw it more compassionate to exterminate them and save millions of lives than let it spread and destroy them. Hitler's Mein Kampf has a stricking similarity to Muhammad's Quran. would you of killed Hitler to save millions of lives if you knew his intention? Obviosuly yes, so we must be intolerant of Islam because Hitler has the same spirit as Muhammad. The Quran's sole message is to kill Jews and Christians (non-believers) and wipe them out to the last, and use terrorism to advance Allah's Cause.

Allah is Satan disguised (Lucifer is his name). By reading the Scriptures and the Quran you will find that Yawheh is clearly different from Allah. Allah commands Muslims to kill the Jews and Christians where you will find Yahweh preaches a message of salvation, for everyone I might add. It is not that Christians are slow to accept other religions but Yahweh commands us not to be tolerant of them.

I would never confuse Muhammad with God, because he clearly is not. Muhammad is not the Messiah because even he says that Isa (Yahshua) is the Messiah in the Quran. You are correct in that Muhammad was prone to sin, sins which include being a liar, mass murderer, pirate, terrorist, thief, assassin, warmonger, and an unrestrained sexual pervert engaged in pedophilia, incest, and rape. But Yahshua was without sin because He is Yahweh. Imagine if Islam does eventually gain control of the earth, women's rights will be abolished very quickly and the whole world will become unproductive and the earth a barren wasteland.

We must learn to stop Islam, not accept it. 
Topic Re: 5 people, 1 site, all spouting nonsense 
Author Diderot 
Date Created 11/06/2005 12:52:03 
Message My goodness. The peace and love being espoused by the people on this site,Tsk, Tsk. One would think you`ve all been reading too much rubbish.........you can`t leave those silly Grimms Fairy Tales alone, can you? 
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