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Topic Answers to questions asked by non-muslims 
Author Mian Mohammed Shareef 
Date Created 18/06/2005 23:22:36 
Message Answers to the Questions of Non-Muslims which even satisfactory replies are repeated to lay unnecessary pressure on the Muslims, or even to misguide the ignorents.

Q.No.1.Why is a man allowed to have more than one wife in Islam? i.e. Why is polygamy allowed in Islam?
Answer: Besides the fact that Allah has so allowed and that He is all Wise to enjoin what meets the natural requirement of a man, there are some other logical reasons to satisfy the necessity of polygamy. They are:-

1.In ancient times rather until the beginning of 20th century the battles were killing only the men folk leaving behind quite a large number of women as widows. For that reason it was necessary to accommodate the excess of women otherwise the society would have been spoiled in the hands of prostitution.
2.(a) Women folk for its physical structure are weak and requires protection of men, at firwst the fathers and may be brothers, then the husbands and at last the sons. It will be agreed therefore, that women can not be left isolated.
People pleading against polygamy are conniving the adultery which is so common in their societies. Polygamy is the right way remedy to this evil. If polygamy is practised there can hardly be a case of rape.
(b) The women folk has to pass through menstruation and at times through pregnancy when they canít have the sex with their husbands. While there is no such problem with the men
3. Prophets as mentioned in the Bible were representative from God and were guide for the mankind. All of them had more than one wife. Only John the Baptist and Jesus Christ were not even married so they donít stand exemplary for the issue.

Q.No.2 If a man is allowed to have more than wife then why does Islam prohibit a woman from having more than one husbands?

Answer: The person putting g this question seems to be very either stupid or extremely biased for Islam. Is there any other religion who allows women to marry more than one husband that he wants Islam to do so. Well if he, who put this question, thinks proper he can let another man to share his wife jn marriage; or else he can give his daughter/ sister in marriage to two or more men. I feel myself disgusted and ashamed to suggest this, even it is sarcastic. But I donít think he was ashamed to put such questions.

Q.11.Why is the eating of pork forbidden in Islam?
Answer: In question No. 7 he objected as to why Islam is killing the animals; here his question is quite opposite. Yet I would ask why the Christians are eating the pork when it is strictly prohibited in Deuteronomy 14.8 ratified by Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) in Matthew 5.17-19.
Most of the 20 questions are junk questions, yet Dr. Zakir Naik of Islamic Foundation, Mumbai has precisely answered all the questions. It is an ill motive of the enemies of Islam to stay obstinate. But one thing is obvious now that truth prevails.

(Mian M.Shareef)
Islamabad, Pakistan.
Topic Re: Answers to questions asked by non-muslims 
Author Bonzo 
Date Created 27/07/2005 19:29:32 
Message Hmmm, not a very satisfactory answer to question two (or three for that matter). Don't you see that Islam will be seen as very sexist if that is the attitude? Or am I just being obstinate if I make such an observation? 
Topic Re: Answers to questions asked by non-muslims 
Author s edwards 
Date Created 28/07/2005 09:12:16 
Message If Islam means and translates to PEACE - why is there so much violence and killing in the name of Islam? I work with Muslim colleagues and students and we never let our religious beliefs get in the way of friendship and communication - we respect each other and our faiths. Surely this is in the true spirit of Islam? 
Topic Re: Answers to questions asked by non-muslims 
Author The Reverend Peter M. Hawkins 
Date Created 28/07/2005 09:20:30 
Message It is not unusual for women in Nepal to have more than one husband because of the common practice of female infanticide. The husbands are often brothers.
Those of us who have travelled in Islamic lands know that despite the prevalence of polygamy, public sexual molestation of men and women by Muslim Men is common.
Further, the homosocial nature of Islamic society makes homosexual relationships common also.
In the "corrupt" Dar al harb, a Muslim Man or Woman is unlikely to be molested publically, and will receive respect and consideration. My fifth Muslim chosen son, wanted to come to the Dar al harb because foreigners always treated him with respect, unlike the Muslims with whom he lived in Golcomnda Fort, Deccan. 
Topic Re: Answers to questions asked by non-muslims 
Author Steve 
Date Created 29/07/2005 16:21:33 
Message re "The women folk has to pass through menstruation and at times through pregnancy when they canít have the sex with their husbands.

It is common knowledge that when women are together after a while they menstruate at the same time.

Topic Re: Answers to questions asked by non-muslims 
Author Steve 
Date Created 29/07/2005 16:30:03 
Message A question us non muslims would liken to ask is why do you muslims believe that you will be surrounded by 72 virgins when you blow us up?

is it just the men or can women blow themselves up and be surrounded by 72 virgins? 
Topic Re: Answers to questions asked by non-muslims 
Author Naufal Zamir 
Date Created 29/07/2005 23:37:37 
Message The Reverend is really out of his mind. Could not help laughing. I feel pity for him as his views are so skewed.

Here is my post for all.


There is a lot of misunderstanding about Islam. If people really sincerely wish to know what is Islam they have to have an open mind and try to search the TRUTH.

Islam cannot be learnt from Orientalists. Neither can Quran be wholly understood by simple reading of it. There is a method to understand Quran. A little learning becomes dangerous when it comes to self-interpretation of Quran.

I think rather than getting bogged down with details or Islam which may or may not have different opinions, which neither proves or disproves anything - one who really wants to know Islam should ask -

Does God/Allah exist?
If God exist then is it rationally possible to believe the three in one stereo player theory or monotheism is the only plausible understanding?
If Allah/God exist then has He communicated to us?
If He has then which one is the authentic communication?
Are there Proofs that Quran is the word of Allah?
What are the proofs that Quran is still intact and preserved they way it was sent by Allah?

Looking at this website may help - www.harunyahya.com, there are lot more similar... just giving an example.

These are the basic questions rather than taking extracts from Quran without knowing or understanding the reason for revealation and history of that extract.

If the whole idea of having this group is hypocritical i.e. to allow Non-Muslims to denounce Islam - then May Allah help the owner of this website to become enlightened from ignorance. 
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