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Topic The National Council of Imams and Masajid 
Author Iftikhar Ahmad 
Date Created 22/12/2007 11:44:07 
The National Council of Imams and Masajid

British Government has been frustrated that a large number of Imams were born and educated in Pakistan, speak limited English, but well versed in their mother tongues, Arabic, Urdu and Farsi, making it difficult for the Government to know what is going on in the Masajid. The drive to encourage British Muslims to become Islamic clerks and to teach English to Imams is planned by British establishment with the help of so called Muslim leaders. Imams were accused of being out me grown”. The home grown Imams are neither well versed in English nor in Urdu or in other community languages. The Imams from the Sub-continent must be freely allowed to come to satisfy the spiritual social and emotional.

In reality, Islam isn’t about beliefs, it’s also about culture and identity. According to BNP, Islam has become a toxic racial proxy. Atheists and fundamentalist Christians are using popular slogans to incite against Muslims whom they see as the new source of danger for Europe. Pope Urban 11 in 1099 called the faithful to join the first Crusade and expel the Muslims from the Holy Land. It is now high time to react once again and defend Western civilizations as well as everything else which is threatened by radical Koran-Islam. The modern Crusades plan to save western civilization from Islamisation. Islamophobia is a deliberate defamation of Islam and discrimination and intolerance against Muslims. It is the worst type of terrorism the world has ever witnessed. British education system has already eradicated the languages of the young generation of Muslims. Now the British establishment is trying to kick out Urdu and other community languages from the Masajid. Bilingualism is an asset and not a problem.

Education experts say that a celebration on community languages in schools is one way of riding Britain of its reputation as the world’s language “dunce” and promoting better relations between different ethnic groups. The study of such languages is considered important for the future health of the economy. Research by CILT shows a revolution in the take-up of non-traditional languages in secondary schools. Experts say promoting community languages could also persuade native Brits to take an interest in them. The linguistic map of Britain was changing, with multi-linguals spreading from typically multi-ethnic areas to more “traditional” parts. By encouraging children to develop their existing knowledge we will be building up an important skills base as well as raising educational achievement. There is a huge body of research testify to the benefits that bilingualism has for educational development. The future of Britain is multi-lingual, and this needs to be reflected in the school curriculum.

Unfortunately with the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment, racism and Islamophobia, bilingualism has been neglected and ignored intentionally. Article 29 of the Convention on the Rights of a child states that “the education of the child should be directed to the development of respect for the child’s parents, his or her own cultural identity, languages and values.” Article 30 states that “a child belonging to an (ethnic, religious or linguistic minority) should be educated in a manner that affirmatively acknowledges their native language abilities as well as ensures their acquisition of English. The Education Act of 1944 clearly states that children should be educated according to the needs and demands of the parents. The silent majority of Muslim parents would like to send their children to state Muslim schools. Dcsf and OFSTED must take the responsibility that all schools must abide by the human rights issues.
Iftikhar Ahmad

Topic Re: The National Council of Imams and Masajid 
Author Annoyed 
Date Created 21/01/2008 11:25:15 
Message The UK is not a 'dunce' nation with regard to language.

It is a nation that already speaks the language of the world so there has never been an impotus on the people of the nation to learn any of the less widely spoken languages.

The reason Muslim's are forced in many situations to learn English is because it is the language of trade. 87% of all the worlds financial dealings are done in English.

Also Muslim's learn English to BETTER their employment opportunities rather than out of a desire to learn about cultures who speak English.

And finally many Muslim's have no option BUT to learn English as they reside in parts of the world where English is the native tongue.


With regard to Imams being 'allowed' to come here to preach I have mixed views.

I DO believe that your faith should be preached to you by experienced practitioners of the faith BUT;

I also believe that (as the christian church does) those faith groups need to house, fund and support that appointment as the british tax payer should not be expected to house, fund and support a cleric of any faith. Also that individual should not be entitled to state benefits if they are emmigrating on the pretext of fulfilling a faith funded appointment!!!

Also the rise in anti-immigration sentiment is not directed at any paticular minority group.....rather it is the thinking behind immigration.

I believe that the UK should adopt immigration policies similar to those that Australia operates whereby you need a skill or trade that is in demand so that when you move to the country you have a purpose and a job/career and do not become the financial responsibility of the state!!!

The UK needs to close it's borders and work through the problems in all communities rather than keep adding to the issues with new arrivals, lack of housing, lack of employment opportunities, strain public services through translating issues etc...

ALL communities would benefit from increased finances and resources aimed at improving communities rather than sustaining the demands of irresponsible immigration policies and emigrants!!!

I am not a racist......just a REALIST!!! 
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