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Author John Oddy 
Date Created 03/01/2008 11:52:38 
Message Like thousands of other non-Muslims I watched Channel 4’s Dispatches “Undercover Mosques” on our televisions last night and what a real eye-opener it was! No wonder there was such a fight to get it banned, you must all be cringing in shame, for we now all know what you really think of us “kuffars”.
Your puppet masters, the Imams, had the audacity to deny that they said what they said on film, they even lied about that because the whole world saw and heard them. Even the Deputy Headmaster of a Muslim school was seen and heard spouting your vile hatred of us.
Children were seen at these “meetings of hate” which only reiterates what I said about Muslims being taught to hate from an early age, not just to hate Christians and Jews but to treat women as sub-humans and kill homosexuals. Your screwed-up, perverted Imam also promoted paedophilia saying it was alright to marry young girls because your sick-minded Prophet did. WTF ?.
Your ultimate aim is for the UK to come under Islamic rule, in the mean time you remain a “state within a state” until you are strong enough to have you Jhiad, do you really believe that British people are going to roll-over and let you do this?. You do not believe in our democracy yet you stand for elections in order to bring about change to our system, changes that strengthen your stance against us. Is this the real message that comes from the “Religion of Peace”?.
Until a few years ago I was the personal security adviser to the, democratically elected, President of an African country and I worked with, predominantly, Muslim soldiers they were good, hard working lads who enjoyed a laugh and a joke but at the end of the day they had a job to do, their or my religion never came into question, it never does when you’re at the sharpe end, the difference I see between them and you is that they were happy with what they had you are not, why?. Why do you want to dominate by religion?, if you’re not happy with our laws and culture why not go to Saudi where you can live your idyllic, if somewhat perverted, lifestyle, nobody makes you stay here, it’s only our benefits and hand-outs that attract you but in the words of your perverted prophet “Allah will provide” so go, go and sponge off of some kind Muslim state, if one exists.
In conclusion, after watching the programme my wife, who is normally a tolerant and understanding woman, sat with her mouth open in disbelief before saying one word “vermin”. I totally agree with her. The programme I watched last night, the one seen by thousands, did nothing but cement votes for the BNP. 
Author Ted M 
Date Created 13/01/2008 22:55:15 
Message I think the core of the problem is that the goal is to assimilate the world, to take over. Even a lot of the moderate Muslims I've encountered living in various parts of the world would welcome a worldwide Islamic Hegemony.

Another point is that it's mostly only Muslims that push for unwarranted relgious privaleges and make demands that affect everybodys lives, whether they like it or not.

We dont hear much from the Buddhists, Hindus or Sikhs but that's probably because they dont shove their culture and relgion into everyones faces.

I think most people will not have a problem if religion is kept personal. 
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