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Topic BNP 
Author John Oddy 
Date Created 13/01/2008 13:45:10 

Reading through the papers, watching the TV or just surfing the net all one sees is a country gone mad, corrupt politicians, illegal immigration, pro-racist attacks, gun and knife crimes on the increase, riots and civil unrest and more and more arrests of terrorists. Our inner cities have become battle grounds and gang culture prevails. Murder is no longer the heinous crime it used to be, now it’s a daily occurrence and, unless it affects us personally, is of little consequence. What’s happened to our once “Great” Britain?
My Sister lives in Shipley, a small market town in West Yorkshire, she’s 64 and still active so when I visited her and invited her out for a drink was surprised at her and her husbands reluctance to join us, it transpires that they do not go out after dark, they are too scared to leave their flat. They live on the top floor of a three storey council block that has 6 flats in it, two flats per floor, the top two flats home my Sister and her elderly neighbours, a white couple. The rest of the flats are occupied by Asians.
There are 4 blocks of flats 24 flats in total and only 5 of them are occupied by white families, all of them elderly, the remainder are all Asians. None of the white families go out after dark because of abuse and threats and all are subject to “move out or else” threats. None of the families can afford to move and any complaint to the council gets back to the Asians within hours of it been made, so they suffer in silence. How many other families that we don’t know about live like this? Can you imagine being too scared to leave your own home?, my Sister even shops over the internet and has her shopping delivered, is this any way to live?.
Outside her flat I saw groups of Asian youths wrecking a kiddies playground, shouting, screaming and running riot. Before I left she made me promise to her that I would not say or do anything because it would only come back on her and her husband, reluctantly I kept my promise.
If for no other reason than my Sister and her neighbours I stand for the BNP and what it means to them, they have nowhere else to turn, they and thousands like them are desperate to return to a fear free life that only the BNP are prepared to give them.

Topic Re: BNP 
Author silvbird 
Date Created 18/01/2008 04:16:41 
Message I'm new here & to be honest the last thing I expected to see was a post by a BNP candidate.

I can understand your concerns regarding your sister's predicament but feel that the solution to a lot of Britain's problems.... 'ere, do you remember that song by New Model Army?

"You can say what you like but it doesn't change anything,
because the corriders of power, they're an ocean away."

51st State, I think it was/is called

I think it's what America wants, for us all to shut ourselves away, in our own little box, a ready made coffin. The way I see things, is that this country has been basically overrun by a foreign force. The US has bases in Scotland, like Faslane - done better than the Romans & their Hadrians Wall, don't you think?

If the world locked up the real terrorists like Shin Bet, IDF, George Bush & half his administration, I think the world could be a much better place for everyone.

Do you think 9/11 was an Inside Job? I do
Do you think OB Laden is dead? I do
Do you think Aids was started deliberately? I do
How do you feel about depleted uranium?
Do you like watching pictures of animals? Watch carefully the animals in this:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7KHUbuhgpQ This is the kind of thing all people, including you, should be watching! It's called We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For. Sit back, volume max & enjoy! 
Topic Re: BNP 
Author John Oddy 
Date Created 18/01/2008 09:42:44 
Message Silverbird,
I agree with you about the USA and that they dictate to our weak Government, here is something I posted yesterday see what you think.

The Muslim culture thrives because of the indoctrination of its children, from the moment they can learn they are taught to hate. Their subversive education continues in the hate ridden mosques where they are brainwashed by terror funded Imams and extremist speakers. Normal children grow-up wanting to be Doctors, Lawyers even Train Drivers, they do not want to be Terrorists or suicide bombers, it’s just not natural. Yet within the Islamic religion they are taught that this is their way to martyrdom. This is not propaganda or racism this is a well documented fact yet this Labour government hands over millions of pounds per year to these sinister organisations in return for their vote. Ed Balls. The Minister for Schools, is desperately trying to give six million pounds to open ten more state Muslim schools, this is despite Local Governments voicing their concerns about existing Muslim schools over the level and type of education that is being taught. Two schools in Scotland have been severely criticised for this and one of them, a school for girls, threatened with closure. The Muslims are very secretive of their teachings which is why the Local Governments have raised their concerns to Mr Balls.
Mosques are being built all over the UK, all with the assistance of Government funding, our taxes, yet it has been proven that these mosques preach hatred of the west and our way of life, time after time they call for a Jhiad against the societies that welcomed them into their midst. The Muslim, in general, does not want to integrate into our society, to them we are barbaric, morally corrupt and weak, that is what they are taught and what they believe. If we are so unacceptable to them then why do they flock to this country if not to assimilate us?. The USA have already stated that “UK Muslims are a major threat to us” and that UK mosques are a breeding ground for Muslim terrorists.
Only today, Thursday 17.01.08, The Home Secretary said that more Muslims are turning to terrorism and more are sympathetic towards those that commit it. She also said that this is a serious threat to the nation and that more terror attacks are “highly likely”. She mentioned, briefly, the fact that convicted bombers of London and Glasgow had been willing to use “dirty bombs”. When will our tolerance of Islam stop, when they nuke the Houses of Parliament?.
That is our problem “Tolerance”. The Muslims rely on the facts that we are tolerant and politically correct, they call it “Weakness”. Speak out against them and they play the “racist card”, we play on a very unlevel playing field when it comes to dealing with this religion. Here in the UK and across Europe they build their schools and mosques and we placate them, we have welcomed them and assisted them but could you see the same level of acceptance if we tried to build Catholic schools and churches in any Muslim run country?, we all know the buildings would be burnt to the ground and the people put to death, probably in public and on TV.
If we are not allowed to have schools and churches in their countries then why should they be allowed to have schools and mosques in ours?. All mosques should be closed, all Muslims go to state schools and the wearing of identity hiding clothing banned. If after that they want to remain here then they accept our education and religious teachings. That is not a lot to ask if they want to take advantage of our society and the freedom that it offers.  
Topic Re: BNP 
Author Vandersar 
Date Created 18/01/2008 19:26:42 
Message Shipley is a pretty deprived area. Your sister's situation isn't great and I'm sure that there is truth in what you say about the Asians trying to force her to leave. I don't think the same would happen to her if she moved down the road to Saltaire or up to Horsforth...Deprivation breeds racism and violence.

Unfortunately your argument falls down because in many areas it is the white British people who are making life hell for immigrant families or even other white families. Look at the news recently: a father of two kicked to death by a group of all-white youths - How would the BNP stop this? By focusing on Asian crimes? They are compounding the lack of trust and understanding on both sides.

Terrorism is overhyped and sensationalised. The culture of fear is generated by the media and it contributes to the mass anti-Islamic hysteria. How many people have died in terror attacks on the Uk in the last 5 years? It is significantly smaller than the number of immigrants killed in racist attacks by Whites. At the same time, the idiots in Westminster have managed to create a culture of mistrust masquerading as political correctness, where people are afraid of being labelled racists and where some non-White people will exploit this fear to their own gain.

I work in a School with 95% Muslims and I can tell you that the teachers, parents and children I meet are almost wholly tolerant and respectful of non-Muslims and that racism is very rare. There are problems in the Muslim communities and they have sometimes been shown to be insular and even arrogant(Iftikhar being a prime example), but is this any worse than the problems of binge-drinking and drug use within white British communities? Again, you can't focus on one set of people's shortcomings and ignore another's to suit a political agenda.

In every society, there are extremist idiots like Iftikhar and the BNP who hold ridiculous beliefs about the superiority of their race and the inferiority/dangers of others. What on earth would disallowing Muslim girls to wear Hijab achieve? If you actually bothered to speak to them, you would find that the reasons they wear it is not because they are forced to, simply out of the modesty encouraged in the Quran.

The BNP isn't the answer because they are narrow-minded bigots who only blame immigrants for crimes that are clearly caused by people from all backgrounds. What the country needs is more integration and schools where neither religion nor social background governs the intake of pupils.  
Topic Re: BNP 
Author silvbird 
Date Created 18/01/2008 20:47:58 
Message "This is not propaganda or racism this is a well documented fact yet this Labour government hands over millions of pounds per year to these sinister organisations in return for their vote."

Eh, I don't suppose the BNP have got many Friends of Israel in their party, have they? Both the Tories & Labour have many, both party leaders are patrons of the Jewish National Fund, an organisation steeped in Zionist (racist, terrorist, nationalist)tradition. The situation is pretty much the same in America, and the outcome of this presidential election will be the same but if there was ever a sinister organisation out there, have you ever heard of Zionism? Do a Google.... But again I could make a good case for America being in Israel's pocket, and for them (Israel) as having a hand in 9/11. That could remove blame for over half 'alleged' Islamic fundamentalist killings since 2000, 7,000 all in I heard. Compare, less than half of that with the 1.whatever+ million dead in Iraq. I could make a good case to suggest that Osama bin Laden having been dead for sometime, you'd think someone would tell us... but then when those papers you read and the TV you watch, don't suppose the corporate media have any of those, Friends of Israel do you? Gotta go but I'll be back.

Strange this but what you're accusing Islam of doing to us, we, the US and Israel, are really doing throughout the whole Middle East and what with meddlings in Pakistan & Kenya and a gradual slide into an even greater war in Iran - it's just modern day piracy.  
Topic Re: BNP 
Author John Oddy 
Date Created 21/01/2008 12:41:45 
Message Silvbird,
Here is a reply I gave to a question similar to yours on the North Wales Daily Post forum

Like you I came through the Thatcher years and was a Tory voter. At the time I was in NI and when she said “The gloves are off” the entire Army was behind her. From that moment the state of British politics has slid into the quagmire of sleaze and scandal it now wallows in.
You are quite correct when you say the BNP has a reputation for racism, I thought that too and so got an invite to a meeting to learn more about them and, if I thought it necessary, pull them up on the issue. The first meeting I went to, much to my surprise, was not full of knuckle dragging skinheads but normal people, older than I had expected, but normal. On the second meeting I realised they weren’t racists but realists what they were saying then, and still are, was that this country is full. Our infrastructure is at breaking point, our resources are running out and people are scared. I left London after leaving the Prison Service because it was too dangerous, in all of our inner cities you have people who are scared to leave their homes because of what may happen to them and I’m not just talking about black or Asian youths white youths are just as bad when it comes to terrorising communities. My Sister’s problem just happens to be Asians but I’m sure people reading this will be able to equate this to their own circumstances.
87% of BNP members are ex-services, we have fought physically for our country and are not about to ruin it the way we see it being destroyed now, for years this Country has been allowed to run into decline. I agree, some of our measures are not to every ones taste, the left wing hate us, but after years of abuse it is going to take drastic actions to get this country back on it’s feet. This Government and previous ones have been too politically correct to the point of madness sometimes, and have always worried about world opinion, hence we are now being led unwillingly into a financially greedy EU.
Bayboy, I could go on all day about the attributes of the BNP, we are censored on mainstream media platforms so this is a bonus, if you need to know more then PM me and I would be more than happy to give you all the information that you need.
John Oddy BNP Candidate
BNP Fundraiser (North Wales) 
Topic Re: BNP 
Author John Oddy 
Date Created 21/01/2008 14:11:29 
Message Silvbird,
Even the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, has said she would not feel safe walking the streets of our inner cities after dark. This from a woman who tells us Britain is a safer place than it has been because of what she has done. Nobody feels safe because nobody is safe; it’s a battlefield out there.
Silvbird, you say I am narrow-minded and a bigot, we are all entitled to our opinions, how you reached that opinion without knowing me or my policies is beyond me but I shall let that slid. Every one of us is entitled to say what we think, others may not like it or agree with it but that does not diminish our entitlement. My personal opinion and one that is well documented is that Islam is an evil and wicked religion full of hate for all those who are not Muslims and that they are trying to destroy the UK from within. That is my opinion, yours is different, but neither of us is wrong because it is just that “our personal opinion”.
Only time will tell which of us was right but you only have to look across Europe and see the riots, the no-go areas and the ridiculous demands being made, Europe is a cauldron waiting to boil over and very shortly it will.
Because we have different opinions doesn’t make us enemies, at the end of the day we want the same thing we just disagree on how to obtain it. 
Topic Re: BNP 
Author Andrew Silvera 
Date Created 21/01/2008 16:06:44 
Message Excuse me, where did i call u a narrow minded biggot? Not me, I feel for you but think you're casting the blame in the wrong direction busy now but I'll get back to you. 
Topic Re: BNP 
Author John Oddy 
Date Created 21/01/2008 17:44:37 
Message Andrew,
My apologies that should have been addressed to VANDERSAR. Once again I apologise 
Topic Re: BNP 
Author Vandersar 
Date Created 21/01/2008 18:13:38 
Message Take a look at the BNP's website. It is bigoted and narrow minded to the point of ridiculousness.
Articles like: Asian youths attack white girls in Lancs
Britain offered Sharia law
Muslims should be banned from wearing hijab

Unfortunately, if you choose to represent this party then you will be associated with what it stands for. It's clear that it endorses racism so I'm afraid that's what you're associated with.

The Asian youths may well have attacked some white girls and they should be harshly punished, but the headline focuses on the aggressors and victims race. It's the same kind of stuff as Iftikhar saying that Honour killings are the fault of Non-Muslim teachers when they are far more prevalent in Pakistan and Iran. It could just as well have said (Teenage girls attacked by youths in Lancaster) I'm sure many attacks were carried out by white youths at the same time.

Britain offered Sharia law - so what? A couple of dilusional extremists think they can change a country's system of government. Nobody, including most Muslims, would ever take this proposition seriously.

Muslims should be banned from wearing hijab - and this would achieve what? Extremists like Iftikhar would feed off the discontent this would inevitably produce and then there would be real cause for alarm.

Mr Oddy, you come across as an intelligent guy and a lot of your points are valid but I guarantee that if you spent just one day in my school, you would see just how ridiculous your notion of Muslims hating non-Muslims is. The Muslims I work with are good, kind people and are very insistent on the importance of tolerance and understanding of other cultures.

I've met Muslims who are uncomfortable with meeting non-Muslims, there are some like Iftikhar who would rather their students taught by Muslims, I've even been racially abused outside my school. However, if I were a Muslim teacher living in say Manchester or Liverpool, I'm sure the same would have happened the other way round.

Political correctness is ridiculous - you're right. It drives me insane, but it's the fault of weak politicians who have created a culture of paranoia and subscribe to all the bullsh*t surrounding it. The BNP will never be acceptable as long as it blames non-white immigrants for all of this.

Just as a final point. British people are no better at integrating anyway. Take the thousands upon thousands of expats living in Spain on the Costa Blanca & Costa del sol. Chip shops, sky sports, pubs with all day drinking, karaoke, takeaways and (ironically) Indian and Chinese restaurants have suddenly all sprung up around the southern coast of Spain. The Brits refuse to learn the language (notorious monolingual Brits as Iftikhar says); instead they build their own English schools to send their kids too so they don't have to integrate. In Mallorca alone, there are 10 English schools. The famous whitewashed villages of Andalucia are now awashed with Brits who kick up a fuss about having to keep their houses whitewashed. They don't mix with the locals, don't learn the language, don't integrate their children and don't embrace the culture.  
Topic Re: BNP 
Author Vandersar 
Date Created 21/01/2008 18:50:39 
Message I wrote that reply far too quickly... I do have a life outside political debate and hating Iftikhar... honest. 
Topic Re: BNP 
Author John Oddy 
Date Created 21/01/2008 20:08:16 
Message Vandersar,
Unfortunately we do not live in a “perfect world” and I agree with you some articles, all articles, on the BNP web-site have a biased slant, it is, after all, a Nationalist site. The same way a Muslim site would be for Islam.
If you did not see the programme Undercover Mosques then go to YouTube and watch it, then you will see the hatred and distaste that the Imams preach about and what their overall goals are.
After leaving the Army I was personal security advisor to a democratically elected President of an African country and I not only learned the language I had to learn two different dialects of it but I take on board what you say about Brits abroad. On more than one occasion I have been embarrassed by my fellow countrymen and their ignorance. The soldiers and Presidential Guard I worked with were all Muslims and good lads, religion never came into question but I was probably disliked because I was a white man giving the orders.
If you read a lot of what I write and you must have a sad social life if you do, think how I feel I have to write it, and then you will see I put blame where I think it lies and that is not always at the feet of Asians, although I am totally anti Muslim.
You are a teacher who is; rightly, proud of your students regardless of colour or creed you are in a fine profession and one I would have great difficulty in mastering as my patience is obviously a lot less than yours but surely even you can see the strain that over population is putting on our education system.
Vandersar, you and I will probably never see eye to eye on a political platform, being in the BNP that is a position I have grown accustom to but we must be able to agree on my point that this country is full, we are at bursting point and must stop immigration immediately.  
Topic Re: BNP 
Author John Oddy 
Date Created 23/01/2008 14:24:32 
Message Vandersar,
I think this recent news blows your argument out of the water and it’s not BNP sourced.
Dr Barham Sailh, Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister has stated that some English mosques are so radical that they would be illegal in Iraq!!!. He further went on to say he was surprised the English authorities allowed the mosques to brainwash young Muslims. Dr Sailh visited mosques in Blackburn and voiced his concerns to a Tory MP although in the last General Election he was a supporter of Jack Straw then the Foreign Secretary now the Justice Minister.
Another report from Higher Education Minister Bill Rammell warns of the rise in Muslim female terrorists in the UK and has issued guidance’s to all Universities on how to spot them. This following a comment from the Tory leader David Cameron “Muslim women in Britain are oppressed”
Then, to top it all, an independent “think tank” called “Policy Exchange” issued these results from a Muslim survey….
On Sharia Law… 19% of over 55s are in favour of it being in the UK
37% of 16-24 are in favour.
On the Hijab … 28% of over 55s say it should be enforced
74% of 16-24 say the same

13% of 16-24s admire Muslim terrorists and terror groups.

The Author Munira Miza said “There is a growing minority of Muslims who do not accept Western democracy”.
Vandersar, it’s not just me saying these things, now others are waking up to it as well, the time for playing ostrich is over and the facts speak for themselves. I would not be doing you justice if I ignored what you said about working with Muslims but anyone can be two faced.  
Topic Re: BNP 
Author John Oddy 
Date Created 28/01/2008 16:39:15 
Message Vandersar,
You seem to have gone very quiet has have all the other pro-Muslims, I do not find that strange following all the damming reports starting to emerge. It would appear that the world is waking up to the dangers of Islam. 
Topic Re: BNP 
Author Vandersar 
Date Created 28/01/2008 21:50:44 
Message I haven't gone quiet, I just don't spend every day of my life wondering if Iftikhar is dead yet and finding yet more ways to get him to say the exact same sentences ad nauseum. Saying that, I have noticed you have started an argument with him which I may or may not enjoy taking sides on later.

I'm not pro-Islam/Christianity/Judaism/Man United. I'm pro-giving everyone a fair chance and not pigeon-holing them because some people that claim to share their faith/beliefs are extremist nutters.

Ok - Undercover mosques - A shocking expose of the real Islam in Britain? Not really. I've watched it and this guy is obviously a dangerous extremist who should be carted off to jail pronto. Does this go on in every mosque? Of course it doesn't - In my experience, and I've met a lot of Muslims, the religion is based on peace and its followers are horrified by both terrorism and extremism. Look at how many Muslims come on here to tell Iftikhar that he's talking crap.
However I did wonder what you would make of this.


Undercover Mosques, Undercover BNP - Both preaching hatred and both unacceptable. You can use facts and stats to prove anything you want.


Or this one which shows that a BNP member bombed innocent black and Asian civillians.
I guess this means the BNP has terrorists as well as preaching hatred. I could go on finding the articles which show

You're probably going to argue that this doesn't represent the BNP....Just as I can argue that the vast majority of Muslims are not represented by the terrorists or the nutters running that mosque. I suppose the Muslim teachers I work with are two-faced as well as the kids.

Your party is fundamentally wrong. You can't tar 1.5 million people with the same brush. On a similar note, the radical mosques deserve the same treatment as the BNP. Police should monitor extremism in the mosques and jail anyone preaching racial hatred; although I still believe that most Muslims do not subscribe to these views. 
Topic Re: BNP 
Author John Oddy 
Date Created 29/01/2008 02:41:18 
Message Vandersar,
I appreciate your middle of the road stance, even if it is slightly to the left.
The first link you gave me was four years old and the second eight years old and no I do not hold with what Copeland did. The fact he was a BNP member is regrettable but I believe the man was proven to be mentally unstable and a heroin addict not that that makes his actions excusable.
The facts and figures I have given you are accurate and up to date and are all on public record.
In the past few years the BNP have become less extreme, although we still hold some views unacceptable to some, this I will not deny. We are, after all Nationalists. You do not after agree with our policies to see that a lot of what we have said in the past is now coming true and that what we are saying now is actually happening.
Of course I’m not saying that every Muslim is a terrorist the same way I would not say that nobody in the BNP is a racist, some probably are.
There is, however, something fundamentally wrong with a religion, not a race, a religion that calls for the destruction of all other religions, you cannot deny that that is what the Koran demands. You, being an educated man, cannot agree with the oppression of Muslim women, with arranged marriages or “honour killings”
It’s nearly 02.30 and I’ve just helped a police officer pull an attempted suicide out of the sea so I’m cold and tired but I’m sure you will want to continue this at a later stage and I look forward to it but, for now I’m going to get warm and go to bed.  
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