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Topic An Open Letter to DavidDavis MP 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 17/08/2005 15:56:34 
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An Open Letter to David Davis MP

David Davis MP said that Britain’s traditional policy of multiculturalism is now “outdated”. Gerald Howarth MP is of the opinion that Muslim should leave this country. The owner of local radio station, broadcasting in Copenhagen suggests killing Muslims in order to combat terrorism. He holds all Muslims responsible for the London blast. A damning new report by Professor Carl Parsons of Canterbury Christ Church University College has found that institutional racism exists within British schools. Britain’s ethnic minorities will always be perceived as outsiders.

Multiculturalism has always been defined and implemented wrongly by the British establishment. Multiculturalism involves a level of complexity which cannot be understood from the prospective of any single discipline. Instead, historical, cultural, linguistic, political, economic, educational, sociological and psychological factors and processes all play a critical role. Multiculturalism is not about integration but about cultural plurality. It is not about separation but about respect and the deepening awareness of Unity in Diversity. Each culture will maintain its own intrinsic value and at the same time would be expected to contribute to the benefit of the whole society. Multiculturalism can accommodate diversity of all kinds – cultural, philosophical and religious, so that we can create a world without conflict and strife. Britain can assume the role of accommodation and concern for all peoples, for our planet and indeed for our survival. We live in a rapidly changing world. British Muslims are ordinary people with the same sorts of ambitions, frustrations, failures and successes as anybody else. We are just like you, go to work, pay taxes, obey the law and just want to get on with our everyday life. We are hated simply for following Islam.

According to labour’s Karen Buck, Muslims in Britain are now at the sharper end of race hatred and xenophobia. West has many stereotypes, misconceptions about Islam that are due to the media, prejudice and ignorance. Islam is often looked upon as an extremist, terrorist religion. To fight malaria, one does not shoot down mosquitoes, one drains the swamps. Urgent government action is needed to tackle Islamophobia and “institutional disadvantages” suffered by British Muslim community. Now it has become widely accepted that, in Bernard Lewis’ words, “Europe will be Islamic by the end of the century”. The greater Islamist threat to the West is not violence-flattening buildings, bombing railroad stations and night clubs, seizing theaters and schools – but the peaceful, legal growth of power through education, the law, the media and the political system.
Iftikhar Ahmad

Topic Re: An Open Letter to DavidDavis MP 
Author Spammed 
Date Created 18/08/2005 23:35:14 
Message http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4161314.stm

Very multicultural and understanding.

Some of your points have merit. You are undermined by the actions of other Muslims.

You may say then that you are being a victim of prejudice and that you are grouped with others that pervert the name of islam.

And yet you pigeonhole, the west, christianity, all teachers, all those with responsibility for individual schools (be they civil servants, teachers, governors, councillors or parents). The guilt against of a charge of prejudice can be laid at your door as easily as anyone elses.

And the fact that no statement distancing yourself from acts of barbarism on your doorstep has appeared makes me think that you are as intransigent in your views as any fundamentalist.

While I hate to join in the "its our country like it, join in or go home argument" your continued tirades against anyone in authority with views differing to your own without appealing to anyone who may be swayed to having sympathy with your view closes the ears of tose who may be open minded enough to even consider what you are trying to say.

Time is up Ifty. Comdemn or be damned in the eyes of just about everyone beyond a couple of thousand in a country of nearing 60 million.

No longer yours.

Topic Re: An Open Letter to DavidDavis MP 
Author Penny 
Date Created 21/08/2005 01:30:23 
Message Despite repeated requests to be removed from your mailing list, I find that I am still receiving this disgusting rhetoric. Iftikhar, as Spammed says, condemn or shut up. Stop insulting the majority of British people who try very hard to assimilate Muslims. Don't count me in as one of them, as I cannot accept any religion that treats women as badly as the Muslim religion does. You really don't realise that failing to debate is the Muslim downfall, do you? The culture that leads to wholesale absorption of whatever rubbish the local Imam is spouting without any questioning, is fatal. In all religion, it is necessary that the believer be able to question. It would appear that in Islam, and assorted cults, that basic right is lost. Once again, please remove me from your mailing list! 
Topic Re: An Open Letter to DavidDavis MP 
Author The Khyberman 
Date Created 21/08/2005 01:38:34 
Message Et tu Penny?

I've read most of Ifty's website and receive his junk too. To me it's a constant reminder of what idiots this bunch of loonies are.

Keep it coming Ifty mate, your crap makes me laugh.
You have no clue to what realisty is, do you? 
Topic Re: An Open Letter to DavidDavis MP 
Author MaureenDavies 
Date Created 22/08/2005 10:20:29 
Message Iftikhar: Firstly, you have mentioned some people selectively with extremist views against Islam, eg. Prof. Carl Parsons and a radio station owner, but what about mentioning the Islamic extremists such as the Muslim who has been refused re-admission to Britain for preaching hatred? And there are others too that I am sure you know about.
I agree with your second paragraph except for the last sentence "We are hated simply for being Muslims". That is not a fact! Only some of the Muslim community are despised, and that is mainly those who are anti-British and preaching hatred.
Having said that, I agree that some Islamaphobia does exist. Karen Buck is right in her assessment of the situation. So are the Muslim community looking for reasons why this might be so? It seems that the ordinary peaceful people in the community need to do more to dis-associate from extremists. As you say, the media has played up on the terrorist activities, so would it not be more useful for the Mosques to come out more forcibly and visibly to alienate the community from these activities? If these dis-associations start from the top including Mosques and educational institutions, then it will filter down to the so called person in the street.
Muslims in particular, do not have a good track record in educating children about religion other than Islam. All of us need to start teaching about all religions and cultures to the next generation. You will still get the hard-liners and bigots on both sides, but at least the next generation will have some hope for the future. 
Topic Re: An Open Letter to DavidDavis MP 
Author Iftikhar 
Date Created 22/08/2005 16:26:07 
Message Penny

Can I have your email address to be removed. I have nearly ten Penny on my data base.

Our Imams are satisfying the social, emotional and spiritual needs and demands of the Muslim community in their own languages. There is no evidence that Imams are preachers of hate. It is the Western media, British establishment and the British society who portray them as preachers of hate by asking wrong questions and in return recieve wrong answers. They are well versed in Arabic, Urdu,Farsi and in their mother tongues. There is no shortages of those Imams who are also well versed in Euopean languages including English. They are highly qualified in their field. 
Topic Re: An Open Letter to DavidDavis MP 
Author Spammed 
Date Created 22/08/2005 18:32:34 
Message Dear Ifty.

Sorry for asking the wrong questions. How about some correct answers to the following....

1. Do you support the actions of those muslims who commit acts of terrorism killing innocent people? (handy hint...don't sidetrack the issue by pointing to invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. This is asked as a stand alone issue)

2. Why haven't you issued any kind of statement against these attacks?

3. Why should we listen to you until you have distanced yourself from acts of terrorism?

4. Are you prepared to enter into dialogue or are you expecting us to listen to your blinkered monologues and take them as the new truth?

More will follow on the basis of your answers.

No longer yours

Topic Re: An Open Letter to DavidDavis MP 
Author Galluping Mori 
Date Created 22/08/2005 22:51:27 
Message Now it has become widely accepted that, in Bernard Lewis’ words, “Europe will be Islamic by the end of the century”.

Question for the rest of you...how many accept this? Just wondering how widely accepted it is.  
Topic Re: An Open Letter to DavidDavis MP 
Author jew lover 
Date Created 14/09/2005 17:46:12 
Message bring it on big man - see you in maidstone high street bring yer big knives i dont care you are a bigot just like mohumhead - get out now before the bnp take a hold and turn this country extreme right. we dont want that! we dont want your lot either 
Topic Re: An Open Letter to DavidDavis MP 
Author MaureenDavies 
Date Created 06/10/2005 03:31:20 
Message Some respondents here have questioned why this site has not come out against the terrorist acts.

I suggest it is because they are in a double bind. They secretly do support them in theory but not in practice. Voicing opposition to the terrorists would offend the Muslims who do support terrorism. Coming out in favour of terrorism, for whatever reason would put them in confrontation with the law. It therefore stands to reason that ahe folk in question decide to keep quiet for their own good. 
Topic Re: An Open Letter to DavidDavis MP 
Author The Khyberman 
Date Created 09/10/2005 21:12:21 



I know what your game plan is. You want to separate the Muslim children from children of other faiths, thus creating a divided country - Muslims & Non-Muslims.

All this sweet talk is just a front for your real agenda: Islamisize everything. What you and the people that fund you (Al Qaeda?) seek to do is prevent muslim youth from growing up in a multi-cultural context and learning about other faiths and belief systems because you fear losing control over them.

Most muslims in this country (and indeed all over the world) are among the poorest of the poor, the least educated and live in the dark ages. Forced marriages, polygamy, child marriage, honour killings are common place in this subculture, and by keeping the next generation from mingling with others, you seek to preserve this medevial system.

It's all about control Iftikhar Bhai..

Why do you want to segregate people? Why don't you want to get along with everyone? Why do you want to change this country into a caliphate? Why must anyone listen to you or the people that back you? Why can't you let young muslims decide for themselves about what is right or what is wrong? Why must they be forced to learn something that cannot be backed by fact? Why? And who gives you, of all people, the right to talk about education? Look at your own spelling and grammar. My 10-year old can do better than that.

I challenged you to an open debate, but unfortunately you only make a posting and then hide.

Come out in the open and debate mister. If there is a shred of strength or truth in what you have to say, if you have ANY valid arguments, then you should have no problem debating anything. I dare you.

In fact, I dare any muslim to debate this issue with me. And in case you worry about English not being your strength (I agree with that), I can debate in Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi and Farsi. Bring it on.

I would also be interested in knowing why you have not yet denounced the suicide bombers of 7/7 and 21/7? You act like a mouthpiece for Islam in the UK - then why do you not speak out against them? You have not said a single word and that is going to be your undoing.

I notice you live in the poorest region in London - East London's Forest Gate, where 90% of all muslims of working age are unemployed (Yes, I have demographic statistics to prove it). Why aren't they in college? Why aren't they in university? Why won't you let them? Most muslim people living in that area are on benefits and the streets near the mosques there are in a squalid state.. do you have no pride?

Now please don't give me all that - unemployment is high due to discrimination. Asian people are more rascist than white people can EVER be. I know - I am Asian too.

What you should do is close your inflamatory and (covertly) hate spewing website down and spend the money on teaching some of the kids around the Forest Gate area some skills - English classes, IT, construction, trades, etc., You'll be doing SOME good for once in your life.

There is going to be a boom in investment in this area in the coming years and you know who is going to benefit? The hardworking East Europeans who have a work ethic that is stronger than your fundamentalistic streak... in the meantime, the young muslim boys who refuse to attend important appointments because 'they will miss thier Friday prayers', will still be unemployed, uneducated and screwed up.

I know prayer is important, but haven't you heard - 'Mehnat hi Ibaadat hai' (Work is worship). But what would you know about 'mehnat'? What would you know about building - all you know and believe is destroying. Destroying and dividing.

Please don't come back to me with talk of US (or UK) Foreign Policy or Israel or Iraq or anything outside this discussion. That's NOT the subject here. This is about the grubby, smelly, poor, uneducated, unemployed, uncouth layabouts walking up and down Romford Road - one of the dirtiest roads in London. It's YOUR local area Iftikhar, clean it up, show us what you and your brethren are capable of and then people might take you seriously.

Before I go, one more thing: This is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and NOT the Islamic Republic of Great Britain.

Always remember that.

The Khyberman.
Topic Re: An Open Letter to DavidDavis MP 
Author Spammed 
Date Created 10/10/2005 23:13:06 
Message Maureen, I normally find your posts generally reasonable. I don't always agree with what you've put but I respect your opinion and will fight for your right to express it.

The terrorist acts carried out are being done so by Muslims who do not want you to have those rights. And will not only fight for you not to have them but will blow you up and maim you in order to stop you having them.

And this is what Iftikhar may possibly support? If he is condoning their actions in his own heart then he has no right to expect to have his views considered. for the terrorists that act blindly to remove not only the rights of others but the breath from their bodies are no better than Hitler or Stalin. They seek to remove freedoms from people on the basis of their beliefs.

If you are right then he is doubly guilty.

Why should he be frightened of offending people who hold such views?

On a seperate thread Ifty decided to talk about Hindus and their viewpoint. It is shown more and more that the LSI view espoused by Ifty is purely trying to stop integration. Again any viewpoint contrary to his own, or encouraging multiculturalism is scorned upon.

Again it is almost facistic in its intransigence.

Ifty should be called to account if he refuses to condemn the recent terrorist actions. Any funding the LSI receives should be withdrawn and those who have supported it in any way should be questioned to see if they were ignorant of the hidden agenda or full enemies of free speech and the UK as a nation.

Like the ignorant Yanks who gave money to "the boys" in Northern Ireland there may be people who take on this arguable point of Islamic schools and support it.

When I was a lad there used to be Hindu and Punjabi classes organised by the elders of these communities where specific areas on history and language were taught to the young.

Ifty's views seem to blame the state and the system for the problems faced by the Islamic population. And yet he will not act to distance himself from thsoe that seek to destroy the way of life of this nation.

That is not a multi-cultural point of view and cannot be extrapalted from the base of the reasonable (if not reasoned) argument.

The longer Ifty's silence goes on, the more polarised my viewpoint. And it isn't the way Ifty wants me to think.

It would have taken a statement of no more than two lines in length. Yet we have nothing.

But there is time for more ill-conceived ramblings.

I despair, I really do.  
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