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Topic respecting other faiths. 
Author Andy 
Date Created 24/10/2005 17:23:43 
Message Hi there,

My name is Andy, and Im the founder of Worldwide Christians Online.

I thought I would ask you a question. How would you feel if i posted christian news articles here?

I dont mind articles of other faiths beeing posted in the non christian section of my site, however posting the same message repeatedly is anoying and sends out the wrong messgage. This is what Iftikhar has been doing! Iftikhar I have send you several PM's about this, its fine to make the odd post, but when you repeat it several times its called spamming! I have removed all the muslim posts from WWCO, until you can learn to respect the rules.


God Bless

Topic Re: respecting other faiths. 
Author Andy 
Date Created 10/11/2005 00:50:53 
Message Iftikhar, you are now banned from the site I run, as after repeated emails, PM's etc, you continue to ignore the rules.

I hope you will learn some respect for other faiths.

God Bless 
Topic Re: respecting other faiths. 
Author * 10 stars muslims* 
Date Created 03/08/2006 23:04:04 
Message get lost andy!!!! 
Topic Re: respecting other faiths. 
Author mmm 
Date Created 04/08/2006 17:23:29 
Message Clearly not the responce of a muslim, as they are more respectful than that! 
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