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Forum Muslim Children 
Topic your incessant racist whining 
Author jd 
Date Created 01/11/2005 15:12:08 
Message ifthikar

i came by the site via a spam message on another board - as many have said - if you wish to have a debate that would be great - speaking as a non muslim (non faith full stop) i am interested in what goes on in muslims minds, do they feel oppressed, do they think we are offending them etc ... the only way i can find this out is by discussion

your idea that the best way forward is for muslim children to be seperated from the rest of the community will not teach tolerance, but will hinder integration into a more progressive society where individuals are encoyraged to think for themselves - perhaps this is your real motivation - to continue the outdated and inhumane practises common in some parts of the islamic world ?

please have a debate - i will gladly join in 
Topic Re: your incessant racist whining 
Author The Khyberman 
Date Created 02/11/2005 20:01:31 
Message Yes Iftikhar, I agree with JD. Bring it on. 
Topic Re: your incessant racist whining 
Author MaureenDavies 
Date Created 11/11/2005 23:30:19 
Message The point about keeping Muslim children separated, ie. in their own Islamic schools, is something I have never been able to understand. From a Muslim perspective, what can be the benefits? When the children have to eventually mix in society with non-Muslims, they will be at a disadvantage.
It would be helpful if someone from the Islamic faith could explain the rationale. 
Topic Re: your incessant racist whining 
Author jd 
Date Created 12/11/2005 08:40:56 
Message i have read many of the posts on this site, having been directed here by several spam messages on other forums. I would realy love Iftikhar or some one else with similar notions to have a debate on the many subjects posed on this board. Iftikhars statements suggest that all the ills of Muslims in Britain are dure to our (yawn) inherently racist society and we (ie the rest of the population - whatever that means) do not give a stuff about the lives and rights of muslims. This is not true, and we as a British society want to instill a sense of values in the rest of our society can grow up to be decent people, this means teaching them progressive values, to live with one another and to accept each others differences and cultures and to have a credo that 'we are all in this together'. It is part of our value system to allow kids and young adults a certain amount of freedom which means alcopops and casual sex and all the things that Iftikar deems wrong in our society - but people learn by there mistakes and this generally means we become more responsible people. Iftikhars answer is to totally seperate communities which is totally counter to what we as British society beleive in - Iftikhar extolls the virtues of Afghani society as so many girls remain virgins till they are married - never mind they might be stoned to death for ever voicing there opinion ....

come on people lets have an intelligent debate - if you think i am wrong - then change my mind - maybe i will change yours ... 
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