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Topic Sbia Marbouta" or sealed virgin 
Author rexin 
Date Created 12/02/2006 07:06:05 
Sbia Marbouta" or sealed virgin


IIn muslim countries it is very important that a young girl remains a virgin for her husband. If he finds out on the wedding night that she isn't a virgin anymore, shame and repression will come down on her and her family and the marriage will be annulated. This also goes for Northern Africa.

If those muslim girls live in Europe, they will have more sexual possibilities and in case of dammaged hymen, a simple surgical act by a doctor will do. Nobody knows about it, honour is safe.

In the homelands on the contrary protecting her virginity is a sacred duty to the young girl and she will do so. No restoring of dammaged hymen is possible in small towns or villages. The chicken blood sometimes used is also not a safe solution, somebody might get suspicious!

Imagine, this always protected, precious hymen, so important for the virgin girl, has to be teared apart during the wedding night, most of the time by a man the virgin hardly knows and with whom she never was physically close. A real trial!

It is not surprising that it is regularly impossible for the fresh groom to take his wife's virginity, he simply doesn't get acces. The groom is frustrated, the virgin cries and is very upset, the guests and family members are in vain waiting outside the wedding room for the blood...A big anticlimax for all!
So here we have a severe case of sbia marbouta, a sealed virgin.
This virgin was cursed during her childhood by a (now dead) grandmother or aunt to make sure that she would keep her virginity. This curse makes it impossible for her to have sex. Now she's married, this means a huge problem! A "sahhaara" or islamic witch comes and tries to remove the curse with islamic incantations and incense. In the morning follows a visit to the gynecologist to make sure. The good doctor knows about the "sbia marbouta" problem of his patient, does a standard check or even sometimes cuts a little in the hymen if he thinks it is to difficult to be torn.
There goes the bride, confident because her curse is thouroughly removed, back to her husband's arms and bed and most of the time she can already the first day have normally sex with her husband. Happy end!

How vaginism can be cured in a peculiar way...!

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